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Popping and other stuff

Popping and other stuff

What does it mean when your ligs pop and where should I be feeling this pop?

How do I keep my balls from “creeping” up the underside of the shaft? I would like them to hang low but they don’t, even when I am hot and sweaty. I have seen pics of guys who have increased their shaft length by 1-2 inches and their balls are “stuck to the base of the shaft. I guess I need guidance in stretching the sack too. Plus they get in the way of my dick hanging low. I have a straight out exit angle as opposed to down and between the legs more. I want that “elephant trunk look and dangling balls in the back. I’ll do some searching and reading but any feedback would be appreciated.

Am I the only guy on here in NE OHIO?? Just curious.

Regarding the creeping balls, it’s as simple as encircling with thumb and forefinger and gently pulling down.

I prefer to do this in a shower or in the bath as the heat helps loosen things up. Also grabbing your balls with one hand, and stretching your unit (gripping the skin tightly) will give a good sense of stretching on the underside of your unit.

It’s also possible to stretch small areas of skin at a time. I do all three and the difference is great, I’ve found I need to keep it up regularly or they revert - I imagine permanent results will take a while to cement.

To make your balls hang low and behind the penis, you gotta get it really HOT wherever you’re PEing. Leave the heat on full blast when you PE, and soak your area in some hot water before working out if possible…trust me, it helps so much, you have no idea.

Start your ball stretches by slowly taking a little bit of the scrotum and pulling it in some direction (away from the body). Keep it up and keep pulling until your skin feels REALLY pliable, loose and stretchy. Then, lube up your nutsack, keep a hot water bowl nearby to dip your fingers in and keep yourself wet, and slowly figure out a way to get both your balls in your grip securely but at the same time SAFELY, and GENTLY pull on them. This is of utmost importance that you GENTLY do any exercize of this nature…you’re pulling on your balls, the only part that truly matters down there, the two orbs that causes everything to go on down there, so DON’T FUCK IT UP!!! We’re talking about your future here, so treat it very cautiously.

Anyway, keep pulling your balls down, to the side, back and forth, over your dick, across your legs, any direction you can do which you can tell is safe and won’t risk screwing you up (for life, mind you), and keep it up. After a couple weeks of doing it everyday, you’ll notice a difference, trust me. After a couple of months, oh god…they hang like they’re ready to drop off. After a year? Damn dude, they are FAT like you wouldn’t believe, wide and hang lower than low. It works most definitely, but you need to be safe about it. I stress this safety part so much because I’ve come close to screwing myself up bad for life many times before. Be careful in your workouts, and remember, it will come…let it come, don’t force it.

phreakk, could you tell us more about the times you came close to injuring yourself?

I never feel any discomfort when I’m pulling. I’m gentle with them but they are very delicate.

So then are you saying that some type of a wrap is not a good idea?

I tried this for a little while today- 10 mnutes at a time three times during the day. I cut the top of a sock off of kids sock, i have two small children and don’t plan to have more- had a vasectomy a few years ago. I wrapped the sock neck around my balls where they meet the base of my penis so that they were nice and plump- not swollen but plump. Then took it off after ten minutes. Do you guys think this is a bad idea?? I have seen pics of guys wearing those ring things around their balls. I thought this would give me a long subtle stretch to get them hanging lower. After a few weeks I may notice a difference.

Any feedback. And what about the popping?

Hey Thunder-

Can you help me out and rewrite the title of this thread to say “Ball Stretching and Lig Popping” I think it will get more response that way. Thanks.

So, no feedback on lig popping?

I think it means your ligs are sort of being stressed beyond a point of connection. I wouldn’t worry though because this happens way way before your ligs rip (believe me, the pain comes before the ligs actually rip, your body knows this). What I think generates the actual sound is that the ligs are rounded where they connect, and they pop when they come out of the place where they are settled. Kind of like popping your knuckles, only you’re doing it along the ligs themselves, which ultimately should result in regrowth and lig extensioning. I didn’t get any feedback about my lig popping either, search this forum a few pages down, you can hear a sound of it if way want. :)

Again, all of this is speculation. But I’m trying to be reasonable in my speculation, maybe invoke a bit of common sense.

BTW, want your balls to hang low? Masturbate by grasping them and using them to keep the skin on your penis taught. That’s what I’ve done since I was a kid. My balls hang really low. I will measure it when I take pictures again in a week. :D

Try doing a search for “lig pops”. There have been several threads in the past couple of months. Personally, lig pops freak me out even though I know they’re not bad.

Can’t help you with the ball thing.


Originally Posted by ICM
phreakk, could you tell us more about the times you came close to injuring yourself?

I never feel any discomfort when I’m pulling. I’m gentle with them but they are very delicate.

I’ve pulled on my nuts to the point where they turned shades of blue and black. Luckily, each time they healed, and luckily, most of the time it was veins (and arteries?) swelling because of the obscene amounts of pressure I was making them endure, but I’m certain it wasn’t good and I’m afraid there might be some after effects I just don’t know about yet.

My point was that it is easy to screw yourself up if you aren’t careful (duh). The nuts should never be hard-squeezed or anything like that, as you might do with the penis. That’s something I didn’t learn early, and I’m lucky I didn’t really screw myself up, especially since (from what I’ve seen) it’s pretty easy to do.

If you want to know about a time specifically though…hm let’s see… I know the worst one. I was doing my regular PE routine and decided I wanted to work out my balls really well that day. I spent 15 minutes straight on my balls that day. Not really a long time, but for the exercizes (and the poor manner they were being performed in), it was more than enough to cause some bad stuff and the potential for injury was great.

To make a long story short, I ended up with red blood dots on my scrotum for three days, and my balls as blue as the evening sky, and a general all around painfulness/tenderness that didn’t go away for over two weeks. Luckily I healed…very luckily.

It’s easy to overdo it. I mean, 15 minutes, it’s more than is needed in that area but surely not enough to injure yourself…at least that’s what I thought… :o

I guess the main reason I stress safety in the balls is because, most obviously, it’s your future, your bloodline, your entire reason for doing PE that you’re screwing with. If you fuck up your balls, there will be no more orgasms, no more spurts, no more feelings, nothing whatsoever. That’s pretty damn scary if you ask me, and knowing I’ve come so close to that freaks me out at best.

Be careful, guys.

I jelq with a rubberband around the bottom of the nut sack and the top of the shaft. Like you would a cock ring, when you put it around the balls they stretch out big time. My balls are hanging lower than ever. They really get stretched by the rubberband. Be sure to shave before you try this. Underline SHAVE.

Also even though i never tried it i have seen where guys use those penis pumps. The tubes that encompass your shaft and your balls. They make their nut sack enormous.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Hey guys that are stretching their balls by wearing the rings. How long is too long to leave them on? I thought I would put them on after my workout in the morning and keep them on throughout the day. Of course I would check on the sack each time I go to the bathroom.


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