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The other night, I was doing some JAI stretches(left, right, down). While on the second set of down stretches, i heard and felt a loud POP!!

What the HELL was that all about? I was in a squating postition and pulling toward the floor when it happened. Didn’t hurt, but wondered if it happened to anyone else? Should I be concerned?


Damn, “pop goes the weasle”.

Sorry, that sounds….not good.

You say you were squatting; are you sure it wasn’t your knee or toe that you heard pop ??

I would mellow out on the stretching for a few days, at least.

But I don’t know.

Do a search here on lig pop. Quite common, don’t worry.

Lig pop. Fuggedaboudit! Very common and I believe welcome to most guys because it may precipitate a gain in length.

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I agree, do a search. I get pops all the time. They first started out as a barley audible sound that reminded me of ripping the flesh off an animal (I live in West Viriginia, hunting is pretty big here). Anyway, I realized one day that the more time I spend on my warm up, the louder my pop was.

Now, I can pretty much choose when I want it to pop. I can’t make it NOT pop, but if I want a pop, it never fails if I spend more than 10 minutes on my warm up that I will get a good pop.

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Sometimes when doing the A stretch, I feel this weird, almost grinding feeling in the base of my dick and/or chode area. The closest thing I can compare it to is like almost dislocating a joint or something. Is this a lig pop? Whatever it is, I don’t like it. It’s not painful, but it’s not a feeling you want to feel while stretching. I ease up as soon as I feel it happening.

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