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Poor measuring and illusions

Poor measuring and illusions

I measured today and took measurements from many different angles for reference. Seems there is a variation of .5” on my BPEL and FSL by how I am positioned. Standing up my FSL is between 8-8.25 depending on how I stand with the ruler directly on the bone. Laying down I get between 7.5-7.75 directly on the bone. I even found a way to register the same measurement I had before PE (6.75”). I’m alittle depressed I guess at this whole situation. I think the way I measured caused me to believe I had reached my goal when in fact I may not have even cleared 1”.

I was wondering what way you guys measure so I can use that as a standard FSL/BPEL. At this point, I am just very confused. I’ve spent upwards of 8 months of my life on PE and I suddenly feel like I wanted to be bigger so bad that I subconsciously measured in a way that inflated my size.

I’ve never passed the eye test for myself. I saw little difference but i thought the ruler didn’t lie. Maybe it can if you account for a person’s deep desire to be bigger?

Shit! Maybe i’m not as psychologically over my size issues as I thought..

Do you remember how did you measure the very first time before PE?

This is important to stay with your first type/position of measurement and keep it up that way. I always used to measure sitting in my chair before and during PE period. If you measure different way of course the size result will vary. But don’t be depressed just be patient. Choose your measurement position and stick with it.

Also your body weight changes (fat pad) can show some difference, in my case even Bone Pressed measurement fluctuates depending on my weight.

Memorizing the pressure level to your pubic bone by ruler will help you as well to keep track of your gains.

Your eyes just adjusted to your new, bigger size. When I look at my dick I sometimes ask myself: “Have I really increased my dick by 1,8” in more than two years?”

But the ruler proves that’s the case. And ladies’ reactions reaffirm me that I’m on the right way and there is a noticeable growth.

Like Nomoredrama said, always measure from the same position. Alternatively, measure from different positions, but don’t confuse the most flattering positions from the past with the least advantageous angles from the present.

Just remember man, you’ve been at this for 8 months. So what if you haven’t cleared the inch mark? You’ve gained, period! Look at Cummer, he’s been at it for two years. This is like bodybuilding, its not some crash course thing to a better body. Its a lifestyle change.

It varies depending on your position;)

If you measure 8.25 in a certain position then you’re that length in that position:)

EVERYONE’S penis is like that.

Starting length-About 6.15 inches,Current length at least 7.5 inches NBEL

"I am NOT a TOY"-Teddy

Yeah I’m sure pelvic positions and such have a dramatic effect on measurements. I’m just trying to figure out what to use as a barometer and which to use as what I believe my actual size to be.

Originally Posted by Cya at 8
Yeah I’m sure pelvic positions and such have a dramatic effect on measurements. I’m just trying to figure out what to use as a barometer and which to use as what I believe my actual size to be.

Relax, if you keep pushing that damn ruler into your pelvic bone you will eventually shrink to a smaller size. This is the fastest way to shrink your dick, If anything your 7.75 to 8.”

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Is your penis curved? That can cause huge discrepancies. I recently realised if I measure from the underside of my penis I’m well over 8”, and it’s usable, insertable length, too, but because my measurements have always been along the top shaft, I’m gonna stick to that.

Consistency with your measurement is all that really matters, so you can tell if YOU’VE grown. Ultimately everyone’s penis shape, measuring methods/positions and level of erection will vary slightly, I imagine even in a medical setting.

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