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Polling why you think your penis is too small

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What made you want to have a larger penis?

I was teased by someone at some point in my life


Watching porn made me realize I was much smaller than the adult actors


One of the women in a past relationship made it known she thought I was too small


Looking around in the locker room, I realized I wasn’t satisfied with my size


I’ve never thought it was too small,I just want more


I stumbled across a forum like this and found out some women here think 8x6 is ideal

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I vote for didn’t think of myself as too small, just smaller than I wanted to be. Pre-PE, I saw plenty of guys in porn that didn’t look much different in size than my 6x5.25” nbp self. I think that my being over 5” girth made my penis size pretty much a non-issue to me since the first time it measured that size.

Back when I was really poor and found a pair of size 13 shoes, I stuffed some newspapers in the toes to wear them. This chick picked me up and wanted some, I gave it to her, she handed me $20.00. I told her payment wasn’t needed and she told me, “no, I want you to go out and buy some little shoes that fit, false advertising isn’t allowed.”
OK, so that’s a really old joke. But seriously, I did have one that after we got all busy saw my little dick and then said no, it wouldn’t do her any good. Oh well, she got a free eating I guess, then my turn didn’t happen.

My wife tells me it’s a bit smaller than normal but loves the things I do to her anyway. She also tells me that NOW it’s long enough but I just need to work on a little more girth. Yeah, I’ve had to work a little harder to satisfy her with a smaller than she likes penis. But, it’s good that she loves me enough to be honest about it…and the extra work is actually kind of fun. This kind of sexual honesty can actually make a couple closer.

Originally Posted by Ike
For me, choice #3 is the closest, but it would say: Deliberately or unintentionally, a women in a past relationship caused me to believe I was too small.

She didn’t say or do anything, really — at least not directly, intentionally, towards me.

I described the incident here. Sad. I wrote that in 2003. That woman died of cancer earlier this year.

I guess the karma fairly hand-delivered some sweet overkill pwnag3 O.o

You forgot the “media” in the poll, that’s the main reason why I PE, except for that, it was a great poll.

Start: 6.3 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG & 4.5 BSEG

Now: 7.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 BSEG

Goal: 8 x 6

My answer is, “because I believe that a penis of 7.5+ inches bpel by 6.5+ inches in eg is more ideal for most women, and I’m 6.5 bpel x 5.25 eg”.

I never thought I was small, but I always wondered how am I compared to others. It’s always this competitive thing, because I think sexual performance is important for how a girls remembers me. I mean, okay, it’s not the most important, but sex is where all my emotions and the effects of my character on a particular lady are combined.

So, compared to porn stars I was small (I am around 6.5x5.3) but never having problem to satisfy a lady with what I ‘ve got made me think that I am okay.

Well, being “okay-sized” is one thing, being “memorable-sized” is another.

I know that I’m average maybe a little above but I want more.

I’ve wondered before if some of us are ever going to feel that we’re “big enough”. I was teased as a kid about my dick and noticed that I was less well endowed than other guys in the locker room. Now, thanks to PE, I’m 7x6…above average, but I’d still like more. When will it end? Knowing that I’m bigger than the guys who teased me and knowing that I’m bigger than most guys in the locker room doesn’t satisfy my obsession of wanting a monster cock.

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