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Point at which you feel kegal

Long term lurker, first time to post.

PEing off and on for approx. 14 mos.

Start: bpel 6.2, e.girth 5.0

Now: bpel 6.2, e.girth 5.5

(flaccid was 3.1x 3.75, now 4.4 x 4.4)

Erection angle: 11:00

Loss of tug: 7:00

routine has been jelq, various stretches, horses and some light hanging. What would you recommend?


>What would you recommend?<

For length, upper angle stretching or hanging. Also, DLD twists and blasters.


Thanks for the quick response. Also on a side note. When you perform Kegals instead of “stopping the flow of urine” How about this:

Abdominal Hollow it is a self bracing manuver for the lower back and ab’s. Imagine sucking your belly button in until it touches your spine, now at 12,9 and 6:00 stretch approx every 3-5 seconds suck in a little more. You should feel a greater stretch using the abdominal hollow method. I highly respect your opinion. Tell me what you think.

I'm a mess...

I lose the pullback at about 10:00

Anything after that I just see the skin around my base moving a bit with each kegel.

Erection angle is anywhere from 10-11:00 ish. It USED to be 9:00 or even :gasp: 8:30ish BUT after kegeling my erection angle shot up to more 10:00ish and sometimes even more (like if I hold a kegel down while erect).

I’ve been PEing since January 1st 2003 so almost 3 months and my routine is Blasters every day, 20-30 minutes Jelq 5 days a week, one set of JAI’s after Blasters for a cooldown exercise, and that’s it.

No gains- or if any they were just too slight to even notice.

So how much of a mess am I in?

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

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Bib, can you fit another one in your survey?

I have been Pe-ing for 13 months

Start: bpel-6.75 Width-4.75
Now: bpel-8.0 Width-5.125
Erection angle-8’oclock
Loss of tug-5’oclock
Manual Stretching, hanging 10 lbs. (40 mins. per day), jelk 30 mins. per day, horse 440’s, a little erect bending & uli’s.

Many thanks,




I used to do a little of that while hanging. Do some of the sucking in, and then some crunches while hanging. Mama.


What is your length?

With an LOT of 10:00, you have a hell of a lot of potential for lig stretch and good gains. Work the lower angle exclusively.


I would like to get all the information I can.



What would be good for me based on my data? Thanks for the response.

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

Hi. Since you’re still accepting data, here’s mine:

LOT: strong from 12 to 10:30; barely discernable by 9, non-existent any lower.

PE’ing earnestly for 2.5 months.

6.625 bpel
6.75 bpfsl
5.25 eg

7.125 bpel
7.375 bpfsl
5.5 eg

Erection angle: 10:00


Length: blasted As and Vs, usually around a PVC pipe, along with manual BTC stretches. Average 30 minutes daily.

Girth: Power jelq and dry jelq for 15-20 minutes, “horse jelq” for 5 minutes. Tourniquet wrap 4x5 minutes every other day. Lots of Uli squeezes when I masturbate. Warm up and cool down with massage. Down and up Kegels before stretching and every time I think of it.

PEing for 7 months

LOT: 9:00

Erection Angle: about 10:00

Started: 6.5 BPEL, 5.5 G

Now: 7.25 BPEL, 5.625 G

Routine: Manual stretching every day (JAI’s, DLD’s) and jelq 15-20 min. every other day

Hope I didn’t forget anything…



You might still have a little length you can get out of the ligs, working the lower angles.

But most of the gains from here on out will be tunica. Mainly work the angles above the LOT. Also, DLD twists and blasters. You can do those with a hanger for a couple minutes and then slap on the weight at an upper angle. Intense.


I lose tug back at about 4:00 (it depends on how much force i use but generally 4:00)

Erection angle is 2:00

6” Erect length

5” Erect girth

Been pe’ing for about 2 months on and off

Streches, dld blasters, dry jelqs

No gains

Sorry i didnt respond earlier but i have been busy…..

What do you suggest for me?



Sorry I didn’t see this for ages :) My stats:

LOT: 7:00
EA: 10.00

PE’ing for 6 months
Started: 6.5 BPEL, 4.5 G
Now: 8.00 BPEL, 5.0 G

Routine: Jelq, Uli, Horse, DLDBlasters (standard and bundle)

Originally posted by jim555555555
I lose tug back at about 4:00 (it depends on how much force i use but generally 4:00)

Erection angle is 2:00


up is 12, down is 6, straight out is 9.

Do you mean LOT at 8, and erection angle of 11?


i don’t know what the hell i was thinking when i gave you my stats. my LOT and Erecction angle should have been reported as :

LOT: 8 o’clock
EA: 10 o’clock

your suggestions and work are greatly appreciated.

thanks again,




I’ve been reading up on surgical methods to lengthen your penis recently, and various studies report that most men only ever observe a 0.5” - 1” increase in flaccid length and slightly less for erect length.

If these studies aren’t spurious and/or inaccurate then does it not suggest that these men have low LOTs and that, therefore, most men have low LOTs naturally? (Assuming they haven’t engaged in any prior PE - surely a safe assumption?)

I am not saying for any moment that if this is true it’s a particularly revelationary statement, I am just surprised that the numbers weren’t more equally distributed.

Also, I myself have been considering lengthening surgery as soon as I finish uni and can afford it. However, if you agree that a low LOT would be a sure sign that lengthening surgery would only result in minimal gains then I am somewhat disuaded.

Looking forward to your erudite response as always…


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