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plz help 2in2002, newbie , thuunder all other experts/veterans

plz help 2in2002, newbie , thuunder all other experts/veterans

hi guys ,

first of all i must say thanks to all you veterans for running this forum …it is simply awesome the way you guys help people …

this post is kinda long sorry

have been a lurker for a long time ( 1.5 years i think )…read shitloads bout PE from this forum and PE forum but never did a PE program for more than a week .. i suffer from the very bad habit of procrastinating…have just realised this very recently

bought bib’s hanger and powerjelq thingy —-had to pay shitoads for powerjelq coz UK customs charged me. and now i have lost the thingy somewhere in my room coz my parents came to stay with me for 2 weeks about a month ago and i hid all the PE equipment and i found the bib but i have searched and searched for the powerjelq and can’t find it.

gave up on hanging many times coz of not following the instructions right is so hard to get the wrapping right — well it was until lil2big(my hero) posted the tutorial and bib’s pictures.

well have been practising the wrapping according to lil2big’s tutorial and attached the hanger yesterday and put a 2.5kg weightplate on and the whole bib just slipped right off after a few seconds but the amazig thing was i felt the stretch before all i could feel was the skin around stretching

…i am circumsied but there is kinda extra skin around the scar …i don’t know how to explain .. when i wrap no matter how hard i try there always is skin coming out in front of the wrap ….i know none of this must be making any sense …but i think i have to practise some more wrapping which i will spend like an hour doing today…it is so hard ..i even bought a number of clamps from homebase to help me while wrapping far none of them succesful in gripping the penis tight enough….

but anyway …i have recently started to workout in gym …the whole 3 times a week weights and 3times a wek cardio and for this i have to eat a lot of carbohydrates ,etc …i am following all the advice in men’s health and similar stuff .. and i eat a lot of rice, pasta and potatoes along with 20g of prtein evry meal …unlike most of the people in the world i am one of the few who is trying to gain weight…. i am 5’8 and weigh only 61KG i.e 134 pounds . i have a small frame and i know to most of you guys in the US i must be very small

anyway i love working out at the gym and also love runnig for 20 mins 3 times a week in addition to this i do aikido 2 times a week.. now i have calculated my total calorie expenditure and accordingly have designed a diet for myself…it is a lot of hard work for someone like me because i procrastinate a lot when it comes to things like this and today i just came across this thread teh carbs, fats and proteins thread by 2in2002 …

my first question is what should i eat to gain muscle in a healthy manner — do i completly cut out the carbs and do veges or do i do carbs ? .. the only supplement i take is twinlabs ZMA and EAS simply protein ..the ZMA i take because of the zinc —good for immune system and the protein i take because sometimes it is very conveinient

second question is i have discoloration on my penis i do not know whetehr it is from jelqing or hanging because i haven’t done both for more than 1 week …bascially during the past year or so i have done maybe 3 weeks of jelquing and maybe 10 mins of hanging —very bad technique i am sure…. the discolration is more than 6 months old or as long as i can remember since using the bib for the first time …there is so musch discoloration that it looks normal..i.e there is a small normal coloured patch …and the normal patch looks abnormal…sorry bout the explanation not very articulate…
is there a remedy for this because mine is quite old now or if there isn’t can you guys tell me if there is way that i can create discolration purposely and safely to the whole glans so that it looks normal

oh yeah almost forgot my size is 6.5-7inches nbpel depends if it is a good erection or not and my girth is 5 inches this is my normal length i have not done any routine long enough to make any significant gains

thanks a lot


Since my wife is a Registered Dietitian, I think I can answer your question. It sounds as though your current diet regimen is a good one. I would add more fruits and vegetables, however. Keep up the protein intake, but don’t overdo the carbs. Also, you may want to add a fourth meal during the day - again, a balanced one. Keep up the weightlifting and you will surely gain some mass.

On the matter of discoloration, this is a common by-product of PE. I would recommend that you use cocoa butter on a daily basis. Also, you can apply a heat pack for several minutes and then rub the discolored area with your fingers back toward the base of your shaft.

Finally, the reason the Bib hanger slipped off is because it was not tight enough. Once you have tightened it enough to hold the weight and stay on, you should re-tighten it again after the weight has been hanging for a short time (say 30 to 60 seconds).
Don’t tighten it to the point that your unit immediately turns blue. You will need to experiment to get it right for you.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I agree with everything JT said above. A couple of things about calorie consumption, though. When you start to gain weight, keep an eye on the scale once a week or so. At some point you will stop gaining and need to add more calories. This is for 2 reasons. 1. Your body becomes more efficient at using calories, so you will reach a homeostasis (in=out) in a relatively short period of time. 2. You will have more lean tissue (muscle), and muscle is what burns calories.

I have a PJ and a Bib, too. Even if you find your PJ put it away for a while until you reach your length gains by hanging. You have been around a while so you know how to search for the threads that deal with these theories if you haven’t already read them. There is also a thread on the discoloration that is new and describes the massage techniques.

I am circumsized, too and have the same thing going on. I actually prefer it because it protects the glans from the wrap. Glad you have come out of the darkness and into the light and started posting. Welcome :)

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Hi Wawawee. Re read that thread and follow the recommendations of most of the posters there. Check out those books. This way of eating (the correct way for humans) is excellent for gaining weight if you are underweight and especially muscle weight.

I would avoid most mainstream nutritionist (low saturated fat/high carb) advice. It is this advice that has made the people of this country as unhealthy and overweight as they are as people have lowered saturated fat, lowered protein consumtion and are consuming high carbs compared to the way we use to eat long ago. It is during this time that all degenrative diseases have exploded - including confirmed diabetes type 2 - which is really skyrocketing over the last decade (and means probably many more people have it).

To sum up, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and nuts instead of whole grains/starchy veggies. Try to eat high quality protein - fish, grass fed beef - avoid vegetable fats and oils like corn and soy/veg oils. They are basically polyunsaturated (don’t react well with high heats) and have way too many omega 6’s. You need more omega 3’s so eat fish, try flax oil (good quality - not rancid), use olive oil for dressings (a good mono oil).

If you have no problem with dairy use butter freely - do not use margarine or hydrogenated fats or vegetable oils (the actual “study” that damned saturated fats was using a hydrogenated oil so the anti saturated fat movement is all based on a lie anyway - hydrogenated oils and veg oils have longer shelf lifes so more money can be made) These are very bad for your arterires and may cause immune system reactions and cancer. Finally - it is ok to eat starches just eat them in moderation - most people who give up bread/wheat/pasta and other gluten based foods experience much improved health. It is not easy to quit these unhealthy foods because they mess up balanced hormone levels and they contain opiods which make them addictive - in addition to the sugar cravings they cause. Finally, whole grains contain contain many antinutrients, and not just phytates, which cause nutrient deficiencies and immune system reactions. Unfermented soy products have these problems in spades too.

A good book with much evidence to get is Going Against The Grain by Melissa Diane Smith.

Another good book is Life Without Bread - this contains many studies done in Europe showing the extreme dangers of high carb diets - especially whole grain high diets.

A good recipe based on traditional diets (and more grain friendly, but prepared grains) is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

My best advice to you is to try these ideas and see how they work for you. This advice will soon be how the us food pyramid is arrange as studies come out (actually they’ve been out for a while) showing how bad the standard low sat fat /high carb advice is for immune and heart health and just about all areas of health.

Try the standard US nutritionist recommended diet and then try this more natural diet and see how you feel. The important thing is you should feel great - weight loss/gains come as a result of healthy eating and shouldn’t be the focus.

Good luck!

thanks a lot guys

Hi all,
Thanks a lot guys for taking the trouble to reply.

Sorry thunderSS. I did not read the forum guidelines. I have read them now.

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