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Plucking Advocate


Plucking Advocate

I would just like to say a few things about plucking.

I’ve been plucking basically since I first started PE (bout 5 months ago). Why? Cause shaving left pimple marks unless you really know how to shave well, you CAN avoid them along with ingrown hairs (such as shaving in the direction the hair is growing) but aside from that I hate shaving. I hate shaving my face, so theres no reason why Im gonna start shaving down there even if I can avoid the ingrown hairs. I started plucking actually because of ingrown hairs, but then I just got on a roll and plucked them all, lol. Why? For one, it leaves it very smooth. The main reason? It only hurts the first time around. The hairs, when they grow back, (if they grow back at all because I have noticed thining) grow back finer and thinner. The root is not as fully developed and so it doesnt hurt nearly as bad (if at all) the second time around. The third time around is even easier, and so on. I dont know why plucking gets such a bad rep. I spend about 5 minutes a day, plucking the hairs I can see that are beginning to grown back and its no big deal and I keep my penis and the area around is nice and smooth.

Also, I would like to suggest plucking for those of you who are having a hard time stretching the skin of your penis for length growth. The skin becomes very stretchy when there are no hair follicles imbedded in the skin. This can be very handy. There is a noticable and dramatic difference when stretching the penis when it has hairs and when it doesnt have hairs. So if you can put up with a little pain the first time around, it’ll be better in the long run. This is also good for flacid length, as over time the skin gets stretchier and stretchier so its not only easier to get the penis to stretch but it stays stretched over time. This is just what I have noticed. Any other pluckers on this board?

I agree with you all the way!! It’s much less painful in the long run.

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I have plucked for about 6 months, and I can honestly say that any initial pain or time consumption is more than compensated for by the thoroughness, efficiency, and long-term comfort of the practice.

So get out those tweezers.

I usually do this : I start by plucking the hair on the shaft. When all the shaft is finished I get a scissor and cut a little bit of the forest down there. And finally I get an electric barber (don’t know how to say this thing lol) and pass it to finish the look.

But when I shave my balls I use the blade.

After plucking, neopsporin on the plucked area helps to prevent infection.

I’ve been thinking about plucking for about six months. I’m slow to come around, I guess. I gave a pluck a try on my sack a while back; it hurt like hell and freaked me out. Ouch.

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All I can say is f-ing ouch

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I tried plucking one and it wouldn’t come out. I pulled damn hard and all that happened was that the root bled.

Superman hairs?

I generally combine the two as well. I mostly pluck the shaft hairs, but shave at the base of the dick for my cockring & pumping tube.

I uas a clipper (electric) for pubic and sac hair, but I do not totally remove it - just trim it to about 1/4”.

I have not had much discomfort in plucking, and it is far less irritating than shaving the shaft.

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Just get out that baby oil before you pluck, a nice moisturized skin surface prevents the initial skin rupture by elasticizing your skin base. The only actual pain would be the folicles pass-through as it exits the hair shaft. Like popping a zit (not like none of you have ever done that ;) )

Sigh, IRC colliquial.

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Is there a special kind of tweezer the pluckers might recommend? I remember trying awhile back, and it was quite difficult to get the hairs out. Might have been the tweezers I was using, might have been the strength of some of the hairs. Any ideas? What might I expect to pay? And where would I get a good pair?


I’ve been plucking for a year or so. All around the shaft and about 1/2” around the base. It takes an hour or so every 2-3 weeks. The hairs on the shaft get lighter and harder to see. I wont pluck my ball sac though. Too many hairs and the loose skin makes it more difficult. I finally just took the electric shaver to my balls and around the whole area. It works fine.

Best time is after a hot ass shower.

I haven’t tried yet, but I figure after a shower when your skin is more pliable. Also the best time to shave your face too.

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