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Please Welcome Another Lady sin_city_scorpio

Please Welcome Another Lady sin_city_scorpio

Yes its DiamondWinds, bringing you another lady member to Thunder’s. She is a personal friend who lives in Las Vegas where I also reside.

When ever she is at my house I’m always on my computer. Thunder’s Place is my favorite thing to do online.

She is always interested in whats up with you guys. She told me today that she wanted to be a member too. I didn’t even have to talk her into trying the board. She thinks she would enjoy it here.

Your a great bunch of guys. Guys this is a really great gal. Please give her your warmest welcome.

Guys this is my friend sin_city_scorpio.

Thanks for the welcome

I appreciate it


Any friend of DW is a friend of ours:) . Always feel free to jump in whatever, wherever, however. It’s the diversity of opinions that makes this place interesting. That and the prospect making my stubborn dick larger. groa

Hey How did she get an avatar?

Wow sin_city_scorpio You already have a really cool avatar!KOOLNESS :babe2:

Big Kiss

Thanks groa!!:wave:

I'm speechless

I can’t say enough , how much I appreciate this . I love it!!! It’s soo…. ME ! You sure know how to make a girl feel welcome. Which most men with an even slightly large penis , wouldn’t worry about . I am elated . I knew this site would be , accepting. But I have to give you guys big props for this ! Pretty punny , huh ? You guys nad gals are wonderful.Thanks

Hi sin_city_scorpio, good to have you here.

Hope to see you around, that is, if I manage to be around some more myself :)


Welcome to thunders were you will learn more about that wonderfull device “THE PENIS”

Welcome :)



Welcome, from a taurus.

If you’re anything like Diamond, you’ll add some humor to this otherwise very single-minded and serious pursuit of ours.




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