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Please tell me what this is?

Please tell me what this is?

Just a couple of days ago, I asked memento if the cable like structure on the topside of my shaft was my suspensory ligament(s) or the septum and I did not get a reply. Could someone please tell me what it is. Thank you.


I wish I knew. Does it show up in this thread? I think everything having to do with the penis is in that one!

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If it runs the length of the shaft it is the septum, which is a T-shaped area where the two corpora cavernosa join. It feels sort of like a tight cord when you stretch your dick out.

OK, thank you. This whole friggin time I thought that was a ligament. Well, this friggin thing seems to be a dam problem. No matter which way I stretch, Up, down,left,right,diagnol,erect I ALWAYS FEEL IT IN MY DAM SEPTUM. How do you stretch, if you can stretch the septum. Thank you hobby.


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