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Please take this poll- which works best

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WHich one works best overall and yields the most gains?

Natural PE; jelging and stretching





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Please take this poll- which works best

Of the PE exercises we know of, natural (jelging)and stretching, pumping, and hanging—which would you say works the best overall?

Pumping usually gets mixed reviews - some guys say it’s permanent, others say definitely not. Weight hanging is undoubtedly good for length, & some girth (apparently at the base), but I feel that NPE is the best all-around approach (although you could combine it with hanging, I suppose).

Is this based on our opinions, or experience?

if it’s based on experience, I can’t comment on anything but manual PE, and I can say that it does work, it did for me.

As for pumping, I have limited experience, but I believe that it could work well if combined with manual exercises. Alone I don’t think it would be very permanent at all.

Hanging, I can’t comment on at all because I’ve never tried it.

I have the most and, best experience with weight hanging. Therefor, I will say for me it is working better than anything else I’ve done in the past for length. Length gains to date from hanging? About an inch…5/8” of that was gained over the last 3 weeks or so.

Hey Stillwantmore, that “stunt cock” sh*t is funny as hell and thanks guys for participating. The reason I was asking is because I thought about investing in a pump.

If you have the time, all three combined would probably be the shortest route to a longer and fatter one.

I gained girth really fast when combining pumping with jelqs, squeezes and bends. So fast that I decided not to do any girth exercises until I gained the length I want. I’m fairly certain that it only gets harder to gain length when you increase the girth.

I’d invest in a hanger but, that’s me. I want REAL length as fast as I can get it. I’ve been at this stuff for over 3 years now. I’m ready to get my gains ….within the next year I expect to be done. I’m on track with the way my gains are currently going. The “Stunt Cock” line is from the Movie Orgazmo. So is my AV. That’s “Captain Orgazmo” and, his sidekick (with dildo oh his head) “Choda Boy”!

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