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Please post up pics of your Infrared setup


That looks like a plan, Grower, very simple to move around an adjust.


Nice. I saw that same one in Lowe’s the other day when I went to take a look. Wow, the employee I talked to really didn’t like me for some reason. His body language reaked of it. Anyways, this looks like a good setup, and with the bulb costing like 3$, the entire thing should be under 15$. Nice. Now, I have to find a way to explain to my dad why all of a sudden, we have a clamp light that big and an infared bulb. Hmm…

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Or do a wb search for ‘infraphil’

I use an old Phillips Infraphil, it’s a 150W 240V ( for Australia) unit. It’s meant for therapeutic heating the body.
It looks like an outdoor floodlight with a plastic handle and body.
The red bulb has a special 3 prong bayonet fitting, not a typical edison screw or two prong bayonet.

I use it to heat the area below the bib starter while hanging, about the first 3”. I have my dick sticking through the fly of a pair of pyjamas so the balls don’t get heated. I hold it about 8” away and keep it moving around. Only been doing this for less than a month.

I tried heating the tube while pumping but this seems to open up the pores and gives me a heat/sweat rash on my dick.

Sorry don’t have a digital camera.

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“However, this relaxing effect vanishes as soon as you recieve your electricity bill after some Infraphil sessions.”….

Hahah, is that true. Have you infrared for PE using people found your energy bill to drastically rise. Don’t wanna raise any eyebrows around my house…

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Alrdybig, The light could probably be used for growing hydroponic weed, so the guy must think your a drug dealer :D

Infrared light wouldn’t grow much of anything, they put out the lowest wavelength of light, plants need much more. (especially the potent smoking kind.)

Alrdybig, this is your Dad, I PE too it’s ok son, we can share the lamp. :D

Just jokin dude. ;)

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