Plateaued BPFSL --> plateaued EL?

A month ago, there was a 0.7” difference between my BPFSL (stretched flaccid length) and my BPEL. Today, the difference is only 0.4”, because BPEL grew by 0.3” (see links in my signature). That is: by BPFSL hasn’t budged.

From reading up here, it seems that BPFSL gains often lead BPEL gains by about 1 month. I suspect this means, my BPEL won’t keep increasing at the rate it has. I’ll probably have to be glad to see 0.1” this next month.

Is this your experience too?

Start: 6.3 x 5.2 (Feb '05)

Now: 7.9 x 5.65 (gain 1.6 x 0.45) - SFL 8.6"

Goal: 8.5 x 6.0 - Currently trying: handclamp squeeze, O-bends. My data - Progress log