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Does anyone have experience w/ how to break out of a plateau? I gained over an inch length and about an inch girth but seem to be stuck there… been that way for about 4 months. I did recently take a break and now have started hanging which seems to be helping. Anyone w/ experience w/ this? Suggestions?

I can only say to that: When you think you might have maxxed-out, you might not have. Take this time to re-think your program. Try something new. Maybe work in a more concentrated way if you are a vet at this?





I had the same problem last year went 3 mths without gain even tho I was hanging a little on top of extensive manual stretching.Then I found out about jelq sticks.With these you can vastly increase the intensity of your stretches.They are not comfortable to use so 15 min sessions twice a day was it.But I started getting gains again and have put on 3/8 in erect length in 3 mths.I have just made a bib type hanger this week and that is showing flaccid gains already which I hope will increase my erect.In short find some way that suits you to increase the intensity and hopefully you will grow again


Something new

Thanks for the info…Gonna try something new. I’ll let you know. Let me know more about this jelq stick.

Jelq sticks

I thought I got the jelq sticks from Tom Hubbards site,I have just looked but didnt see it there.The are a like the stick device he shows for hanging only longer.I made mine from 5/8” wooden dowel.2 peices 8” long.drill a hole thru each close to the end.tie together with tough cord so they are about 3/8” apart .you can now use them to grip your penis about 1” back from the head to do your stretches.You can cover them with tape or foam to increase comfort.One exercise I like is to sit on floor against the wall .raise your legs so your penis hangs down between them.Reach round your legs and grip penis with sticks and streeetch.this is quite intense and gives an effect almost as good as hanging,Try it and let me know.


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