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Plateau or too much?!

Plateau or too much?!

Well, it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve seen my last gain (prior to that I would gain several tenths of an inch every two weeks). Now the FIRST week in September (right after I measured my last noticible gain) I upped my routine to 1,000 jelqs - 1,300 a day. I did that for two weeks because time became a major issue. Since then it’s been 500/20 min a night 3-5 nights a week in a row. No new gains yet :(

I am trying to figure out what I should do. Here are my options:

A. Take a week off (assuming I overworked it with those 1,000 + jelqs a day routine) and simply start over with 30 minute jelq sessions plus stretching (A stretches)


B. Just proceed with my 30 min jelqing with NOT taking this week off and assume my lack of gains is a plateau and not an injury.

What should I do?

I’ve already begun my week on Sunday (two days ago) so that is two days with NO P.E. besides kegels :D

Any ideas? I’ve been stuck at 8.00” ebpl since august and I’d LOVE to bring in the new year with at least 8.15” ebpl

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Try looking up shock routines on a search. Here is a thing on plateaus for you.

Plateau and growth theory

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Wt282. Like you I’ve been doing some pretty intense pulling on my dick over the last couple of months and dissappointed to find that I’d only made small gains.

I’m currently having a week off to rest (and hopefully get some of those miracle gains some get on pe breaks :) )

When I start again next week, I’m gonna tone the routine down a bit and do a one day on, one day off routine which I was doing when I got my best gains.

From the start I firmly believed in rest days, but as most people know, once you see any gains, some small voice in your head tells you that the more you work out, the quicker you’ll get results. Another thing about the day on, day off routine is that when I missed a session, it then became two days of rest.

Anyhooo…I’m going back to this routine next week for a couple of months which will prove whether or not I’ve just been overtraining.


Two choices now...

Great replies!

Now I am posed with the decision if I should

a) start up with an intense shock routine


b) start with my 30 min jelq + 50 A-stretch routine


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The Pirate says:

Treat your willie to a week of lots and lots and lots of sex but no PE. He deserves to be rewarded for growing. Then listen to Twat and shock him into more growth.

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