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Pj device......Why doesnt the rollers roll....

Pj device......Why doesnt the rollers roll....

I received my pj device yesterday, in incredible time.I send out a money order last tuesday,and received it on a wendsday.Very please with the service.

But I want to know,why didnt Ron make it so the rollers would roll.
I have been experimenting making the rollers roll(with my hand)and it is more effective then just pulling up with the power jelq.
Ron,you should see if you could make it where the rollers roll,it would give a better affect.

Also,for the forum members,why dont I see a pump after the workout,or even during(keep in mind I only had one with the PJ).It doesnt seem to move alot of blood,even when 90% hard.Anyone else have this problems?

PJ Device

If the rollers were to roll, the blood would not be forced up to the head. There is an explanation on the PJ site.

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I don’t necesarily agree with that statement…Why won’t the blood be forced, I think it might work better if it rolled both ways. Often the damn thing will lock up mid shaft and I cant even get to the shaft.

I dont think rolling on the return stroke will prevent blood stroke.

However, like other DIYers on here, I think the thing is overpriced and can be easily made on your own and am in the process of doing so. I will use ball bearings iniside the rollers to make it roll both ways.

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