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Piet's stretcher -updated-


I’ve been using my stretcher for almost a month now and have seen some pretty good flaccid results. The erect gains are only minor, this because the stretcher seems to mainly target my tunica, however my septum is my limiting factor for erect length. What I need to do is make sure my septum gets more stretched than my tunica in the stretcher. Hence I decided to add a fulcrum to my stretcher. Here’s how it looks:

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Piet, keep us updated on any gains you get from this. BTW, you have a mean-looking unit man. Good luck.

- w a d

I removed the fulcrum in the end. It did work but I had to move it around too often, about every 10-15mins.

What is used to connect the threaded rod to the eye bolt?

Not sure what they are called but this is how they look upclose.

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Morning Piet.. Thanks much for displaying your stretcher. I definitately want to be like you, when I “grow” up. :-)

I looked around and couldn’t find this info, but did you use 1/4” or 5/16 bolts for your stretcher? I was in Home Depot yesterday, with a printed picture of your invention, trying to get the parts together.


The threaded rod and the eye bolt are 6mm (0.24” or 1/4”). The big bolts at the bottom which go through the openings of the eye bolts are 8mm (0.31” or 5/16”). I used these measurements because I could only find 2 sizes for the connectorpieces 6mm and 8mm, I went for the smallest.

I haven’t tried it yet but it might work better if you use something more rigid for the extra layer inside of the toppiece like the grippers of the Captn’s Wench. Next time I start using my stretcher again I will test it.

Btw I have only gained flaccid length from this device as far as I know (about 1cm in total) my erect length gains came from manual exercises and hanging. I think this is because I was already a heavyweigth hanger when I started using the stretcher. If you are not a hanger you will probably see both erect and flaccid gains from an ADS like this.

I went to home depot the other day and found everything except for those connector pieces. :(

The connector pieces, at the Home Depot I was in, were right next to the threaded rods, in the “nuts and bolts” aisle, in small plastic packages of 3.

Truly Homemade

Piet.. Bomb contraption, I just made my own using your “blueprints” but I haven’t been able to find a “noose” that isn’t a “noose”. I’m going back to home depot today to start a mandatory search. But the only question I have is what is the name of the material you are using to tie the tunica down with ?

Hi, Piet, You must have an engineering background - those sketches and drawings are excellent! Device is well thought out - avoiding nerve damage and skin abrasion. As I recall, you have a foreskin. So do you fully retract it before

attachment of the stretcher? Or do you apply it over your foreskin?????

Many thanks,



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