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Piece Shriveling After Stretching

Piece Shriveling After Stretching

Sometimes after doing Manual Stretches by piece shrivels up 5 minutes after finishing, immediately after finishing it is long but then it shrivels. Why does this happen?

Sounds like you may be stretching a bit too hard, try going a bit lighter on the force of the stretch and see if that helps you out.

Mine does this too and I tend to stretch pretty hard.. Lighten up?

I’m not yanking my dick near the point of ripping off, but I’m definitely using some force.

Before when I did a lot of v-stretches I would just put enough pressure so I can feel a slight stretch and made pretty much all my length gains from that. I’m involved in martial arts and when I first started I was far from being able to do the splits then after 3 months of light stretching throughout the day I was able to accomplish this. So for any PE stretching I do I’ll go light on the pressure for stretching but stretch for long periods of time say around an hour it works fine for me but may not work for others as we all have different bodys but doesn’t hurt to try something new in your workout :)

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