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PI Question

PI Question

Lately I have been using the PIs to tailor my workouts and I’m very pleased. I had been doing a 1-on, 1-off routine and through observing my PIs, mainly flaccid hang, have moved all the way to a 6-on, 1-off routine. After reading this theory and observing my body’s reaction, it became clear that I was grossly overestimating the amount of time I needed to recover.

Over the past few days my PIs, although still fair to good, have not been quite as good as they have been in the previous weeks. In the PI thread, sparkyx lays out the positive and negative PIs. To put it simply, the negative PIs are mostly just the lack of positive PIs or decreasing positive PIs. So, my question is how does one differentiate between waning positive PIs and the onset of negative PIs?

I want to bump this up but also want to add something.

The reason I have asked this question is that I’m trying to determine if a routine change is necessary. With the lack of distinction between increased negative PIs and decreased positive PIs, I’m not sure which direction to go with my routine (to make it more or less strenuous and/or frequent, etc.).

The good thing about using PI’s to tailor your workouts is that you can continuously vary your workouts week by week according to the PI’s. If your PI’s are not as good as they were, back off on your routine a bit. The increased negative/decreased positive PI’s may not be wholly from PE; they may be because of other stresses in your life etc., but these will affect recovery times also.

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