PI Question for SparkyX

Hi Spark,

I’m coming off a 30 day decon break and just started a new IPR style routine using the Autoextender Hanger. Today I hung 2.5 lbs for 20 minutes under an IR light, then ADS for (so far 2.5 hrs). My question to you is whether I should feel anything, tonite or tomorrow in my ligs or shaft from this routine and if so, is it a negative PI or normal. And if I don’t feel anything, should I workout again tomorrow, either adding time or weight? Or should I wait the Xeno recommended 36-48 hours? I know no routine can have any effect if it overtrains, but at the same time undertraining cannot produce any results either. I guess what I’m asking is how do I know if I’m inducing the correct amount of stress/inflamation.

As far as background, I’ve been in the PE game for a few years and have in the past, hung (Bib) for hundreds of hours at 10-20 lbs. I’ve also clamped, jelqued, power jelqed and pumped. I don’t know how any of this might impact your answer, because as I’ve said, I just came off a 30 day decon.

Thanks in advance,


Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]