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Physics of V-Stretches

How do you suppose the lateral gradients even out once you leave the fulcrum point?

Or are you suggesting that say the outer tension on the fulcrum continues through the entire penis either side of the fulcrum? So then if you take a cross section of the penis near the grip the lateral/transverse tension gradient would be the same as around the fulcrum. I guess you must be, with no gradients parallel to the shaft. Or do you mean something other than parallel when you say longitudinal?

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Originally posted by Nedd
No. The second a tension gradient exists within a cable, it snaps. Reductio ad absurdum, your reasoning is flawed.
To be clear, you can have all the tension gradients you want laterally. We were talking about longtiudinal gradients, of which there are none.

The longitudinal tension gradient does exist even without transversal components…

- Connect a rope to a wall
- A first guy comes and pulls it, now the tension in the rope between the wall and the guy has a certain value, the rope behind the guy just lies on the floor.
- A second guy takes the loose part of the rope and pulls it right behind the other guy, now the tension in the rope between the wall and the first guy is equal to the force both guys pull with; between the first and the second guy it’s equal to the force of the second guy only.

A longitudinal tension gradient in all its beauty!
Theoretically, you can let the distance between the guys shrink to almost zero just as the difference between (did I say “between”?) their strength.
Then you got a smooth function, without gaps or values that suddenly jump up or down.

Walking along the rope we see the tension increasing as we are approaching the wall and passing the guys that are pulling. With each step we reach a higher tension value and a new tension gradient starts at our feet and points all the way down through the rope right to the point where it meets the wall. BTW, the rope will not snap just due to its existance.

memento mentioned another example of a longitudinal tension gradient earlier. A long rope hanging from the sky with (or without) a weight at its end. Each section has to carry the weight of the part under it, so the tension increases as we’re coming near the sky.

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Getting incredibly deep into v-stretches


I thought about the point hobby mentioned, he’s right. The problem is that we just don’t know about the correlation between the increased tension or compression in the different areas.

The .gif shows the tension increasing along the upper side of the shaft when adding a curve (A-stretch) and therefore forcing it to travel a longer way. To say it clear, it only shows the outer side of the curve. The plateaus at the side show a constant value to represent the constant tension in the straight stretched areas. Tension reaches its maximum right above the fulcrum.

I think the only way to find out what happens is to do the experiment with the white rope and fulcrums of different geometry and take some pics.

- increased tension in the outer side
- increased tension in the inner sides next to fulcrum
- decreased tension in the inner side right above the fulcrum point
- geometry of the fulcrum…

I don’t know how to determine the overall tension. Damn.

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Originally posted by memento
If we assume conservation of energy could extra tension be created by the fact that the outer tension is greater but that the cross sectional area of this increased tension is less than the depth of the penis around the fulcrum and therefore with greater tension and less area to exert this tension across could the penis be storing more force of the force in elastic deformation?

Sorry, I can’t follow you exactly. My idea was this:

When we stretch in a certain direction, the tension we are creating within the penis is limited by the maximum of force we can supply. We can add another hand pulling in the same direction but that’s it. Now we want to increase the overall tension by adding a fulcrum, i.e. a chair, bottle etc..
This will work if we can increase the tension only by adding the fulcrum and forces that don’t effect our maximum pulling force.
There already has to be a tension before we start to pull, so that we can add tension. Bending you penis around the fulcrum will not use (decrease) the pulling force (so the hope), but create a first tension (so the hope).

Thinking about the ability of the tissue to store energy isn’t the way, I think. It has to store it! Where else but in the penis does the energy go? You don’t loose it in warmth…
If the tissue is not able to store more energy it will crash.

Originally posted by memento
Can one store more energy in elastic of a smaller diameter? I don't think that makes sense.


Originally posted by memento
Is this why you mention piezo as it converts pressure into electricity?

Yes. I think this way one would be able to see if overall tension is magnified.

Originally posted by memento
What alternative forms of storage do we have available?

None, I think.

Sorry, I have to say that I’m totally confused now. I’m even not sure anymore if you already pay the fulcrum with a certain amount of your maximum pulling force. I have to take a brake.

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Why is Nedd an Ex-Member now?

More meat - More fun! :D ***April 2006 - 9.5" BPFSL***August 2008 - 9.65" BPFSL, 9.35" BPEL***

Here’s why Nedd is an ex-member .

The two guys on a rope example. I remember that one, another classic :)

I get what you are saying about the fulcrum point. I was thinking about the point at the apex of the fulcrum. If you have the fulcrum as per your pdf (U-shaped) all force is applied vertically, so looking at the tension at the apex would mean that there is no tension parallel to the penis. Of course this is bollocks but I was trying to think how the tension varies by taking a tangent of the applied force around the fulcrum.

Your analysis fits with what Piet was saying on page 2 and what tantrex was talking about.

You’re right the tissue has to store the energy, the thing that interests us is storage by plastic deformation I guess and that doesn’t really help with tension.

Thanks lots more to think about :)

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