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physics of ball zinger

physics of ball zinger

I want discuss about physics of ball zinger
I prefer french language for a good undestanding
thanks for your answer

my email adress is

I'm curious too

To be honest, I don’t know if it has anything specifically to do with copper and zinc as elements. Just based on my understanding, I think it has to do with magnetic fields, or specific current generation, rather than actual deposition of minerals from the zinger to the skin. I think there actually may be something to it, as I’m recalling classic “copper bracelets” worn for pain relief or other reasons, as well as research into magnetism and electrical current involved in tissue growth and regeneration.

There’s no denying that, by design, we have a galvanic cell with the Ball Zinger. A current is generated between the two dissimilar metals, using the skin/balls/cock/body as a conductor. Now, I have to wonder about different effects possible by different positioning of the Zinger (position of “anode” and “cathode”), size of the elements, current generated, fields produced, etc. Magnetism and Electricity have undeniable effects on cellular growth and processes, depending on numerous variables. I have to wonder if there isn’t some validity to the claims, where the proper combinations of size, position, polarity and material have been stumbled upon for some folks but ignored in favor of eroneous factors.

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