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I hope a lot of guys that are still left (transferred from ezboard), remember Phat. Well, he has not been around for a while. He has some really big personal problems. I would not get into it on the boards, unless he wanted me to, but he could use your thoughts and prayers.

As a lot of you know, he is a really good person who has helped a lot of people for a long time. He has been dealt a bad hand and is someone who deserves all the best in life. Think about him a little, will you?


I just dropped a post at the other board,

I was new to PE when Phat was real active in posting. I always enjoyed his back and forth with Dance.

Phat if you read this remember your not alone,


I think of him from time to time and really miss our exchanges. He was tremendously helpful to me (more than anyone else with the exception of Bigger). He took me from totally hanging wrong to putting me on the right track. Some of the posts that were saved in the best post section of the other board are still among the best ever.

Many times I wonder what happened to him. I am sorry to hear about his difficult times and will remember him in my thoughts and prayers.


Hey Phat,

I don’t know if you will see this or not, but your input on the boards is really missed. Hope things work out for you real soon.

Hard to believe that the Phat/Dance exchanges are a little under a year old now. We are still waiting for the football story too. Hope to hear it soon.

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Thoughts of Phat

I too was enormously helped by Phat. He had a way of posting which you could almost hear the kidding and see a smile or grin on his face. Bib, is his problem health related or his relationship.?





You have my sympathy, I hope things will work out for you soon. I was kind of releaved to hear that it’s not a serious health problem.

We’ll be here to enjoy your presence once again when you come back (and I’m sure you will).

Good luck man

ù ì å í


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