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Awesome avatar , its not photo shoped ? Hey crash, look in Dr. Whitehead. Expensive though but one of the best.

crashhex - Wow I like your avatar, wish this was a swinger forum.. Please no offense meant.

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tps - Yeah, not to hijack the thread, but more info on your avatar anywhere n2? Saw something about n2’s avatar here.
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ThunderSS Is that Ms Growing?? - (( No sir But I can Dream can’t I :D I will post a picture of the little lady if someone asks.))

BenHur Awesome avatar , its not photo shopped ? (( I altered the writing to please me since the picture did! ))

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

What is your current size and what size do you hope to achieve?
A fair bit off topic, but my wife had a boob job done by arguably the best surgeon in Australia. Not cheap - we could have got it done for half the price elsewhere- but we are both delighted with the results. The man is an artist. Tiny incision scars under each breast, minimal swelling, minimal discomfort and no drains. The extra cost was well worth it.

Any cosmetic surgery is a high risk procedure. Don’t kid yourself otherwise! Pay the most you can afford, and forget about what the surgeon brags about how good he is. Any good surgeon will be able to put you in contact with someone who has had the procedure done to talk about it. Don’t believe any of the BS about privacy. My wife would (and does!) happily show her new tits to any women seriously interested.
Good luck with whatever you choose. You are far braver them I am!

To be cut or not to be cut - that is a personal question. I’ve read about it in the past (I know you’re looking for up to date info), but the stuff I’ve read was not encouraging.

When they snip your ligs, your unit becomes very unstable. You’re also forced to hang weights afterwards (I believe for up to 8-12 months, last I heard).

And I would seriously look deeper into that fat reabsorption thing. I’ve heard opposite numbers - that up to 90% of the fat (girth) can be lost within the first year, not 10%. Also, fat reabsorption is not an “even” process - you could be left with a lumpy, disfigured cock as portions of fat (girth) disappear.

I know that the medical establishment is against phalloplasty - despite all of the paranoid rants regarding their opposition to PE because they instead want to make money from phalloplasty. That’s simply not true. I also know that leading urologists bash the procedure(s) also.

Before I would ever consider phalloplasty, I would’ve exhausted all of my options: manual PE, hanging, traction devices, ADS, pumping, etc., etc.

I personal attitude toward Lasik eye surgery (and the other surgical vision correction techniques) applies here, I think. (At least it does for me.) I’ve worn glasses since 3rd grade. My eyes aren’t terrible, but I do need glasses to drive. My latest vision presscription is about 2 diopters in one eye, 1.25 in the other, in other words not bad. I can watch TV without my glasses, etc. I really only need them for driving & distance. Because of all of that, nobody is ever lasering/cutting/grinding/whatever on my eyes. Period. I only have 2 eyes and there is too much to lose for a small potentially gain. If I was blind without glasses, I’d consider Lasik.

I see phalloplasty in the same light. I’m not huge (yet), but I’m average or slightly above. My current size works, and it works well, according to Mrs RBM. If I was really small, I might consider it, but given where I am now, anything I gain from PE is icing on the cake. It would be nice to have more, but I’m not going to jeopardize myself by going under the knife.

Just my 2 cents.

For girth, scrap the Fat Injections! Go for the Alloderm Matrix Grafts, this way you will keep most if not all your gains after 9 months, not like fat injections where it is reabsorbed unevenly and you have to constantly go back for follow up surgery(to make your cock look normal, not lumpy). Fat injections are not recommended and constantly give shitty results (from countless sources). That 10% number is extremely false (numerous articles online) and I wouldnt even think of going to the place that said that as it seems like a marketing ploy or something.

Alloderm is grafts taken from corpses and carries the risk of rejection, and viruses.. Come on. it is the same as dermal fat grafts, but taken from the dead. not for me. Yes, several years ago the methods of free fat transfer posed the problems you mentioned are are not without risk. Today with the new preperation methods, E.G., nutrient prep, fluid removal etc, the chances of fat cell life are much perfected. What is lost? Mostly fluids that are absorbed in the fat. 10 % my friend. these methods are practiced by guinta and burman, 2 of the leading speacialists in the field.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle


Alloderm Matrix Grafts = tissue from dead bodies. Sounds a bit strange, but then they have been using other parts from dead bodies (or dieing bodies) for other surgery for a while.

Heres a link to burman’s site explaing the different methods of girth ect..

p.s. I’ve heard alloderm is as tough as leather.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

If I am reading that right,Dr. Whiteheads site states that the average erect girth gain is 5-10%. so a guy with an average dick 5” girth is only picking up 1/2” at best.

NOOOOO FUCKING WAY!!!! I had this as an option if all else fails in the back of my mind, but there is no way I would even dream of letting a scalpel near my pride and joy for a max benefit of a measley 1/2”. I can pump it up almost a 1/2 ” and have sex now. I am going to have to do some serious research on this, mite have to be PE works or bust.

best of luck to you whichever way you go man,and let us know how it turns out if you go thru with it.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
And I would seriously look deeper into that fat reabsorption thing. I’ve heard opposite numbers - that up to 90% of the fat (girth) can be lost within the first year, not 10%. Also, fat reabsorption is not an “even” process - you could be left with a lumpy, disfigured cock as portions of fat (girth) disappear.

Pay attention to what wad says here. Look into the fat re-absorption percentages as presented by uninvolved researchers and ask, as suggested, to speak with men who have had this proceedure done. You don’t want this to be like Botox - every four to six months.

The lig-cutting thing is important or it is not. You will lose erection angle. You’ll still be hard with an erection but you will then have to position yourself each time you penetrate during sex. No more just sliding in. (You have to admit that that is nice.) Something maybe to think about there.

I should say that I am not personally opposed to this method, if I could afford it and PE had not worked for me maybe I would have considered it myself.




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