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Peyronie's and curvative

Peyronie's and curvative

Can someone post any exercise that can treat Peyronie’s and curvatives?

I might have the same thing / Peyronie’s and curvative
My left Corpus Cavernosa is slightly thinner and shorter causing my penis in the erect state to bend downward a little. Its not alot but enough to wonder if PE can make my left Corpus Cavernosa bigger to match the right.
Good luck maybe someone with some helpful info can provide?

Also Peyronie’s is plaque from what I have read and to remove it you can try taking Vit. E. I have and have had no results in the past 5 months? Last resort is having it removed which I am not to sure about because they can cause some other problems if not done right.

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Peyronies is characterized by hardened deposits where collagen infills where the elastin should be. I’m not sure that is the same thing as disimilar sized CC, though I’ve never heard of the latter before now.

Either way, I would think the same excersises would help for both. I do not have any experience of either condition or correcting it, but I have read that excersises that stress the shorter side over the other have shown some improvement. The Jes Extender site also claims to be able to help peyronies (though that’s not a recommendation of their product).

Since the medical community has so far failed to provide a satisfactory solution, it might be worth a try. Perhaps Erect bending type excersises might help? though they don’t seem like the safest of excercises, so go gentle.

There has been atleast one person I know of that has claimed to recover completely from peyronie’s his name is German Stallion. I am not sure if he is on this board or not, but I know he frequents MOS Forums he did this by doing jelqs, massages in the area, and uses a pump.

As for the shorter/thinner CC then the other. This is well talked about here. It may even be on a search for peyronie’s, or shorter CC. I am not sure. But some say that you can help it by doing jelqs against the curvature. This would be in hopes of stretching and expanding the CC that is in question.

I am trying it now. I am right handed and have always masterbated with my right. As well as tucked myself into pants on the left. Therefor my left CC is smaller then my right. I also use a pump to try to help this. If you do this you may want to buy a cylinder that is just right for your girth.


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How do you do the Jes Extender? Questor, is it possible for you to get GS’s email for me? I would like to speak to him in person.

I will PM him over there and ask him. He seems to be a really good guy, willing to help everyone and anyone with this.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

First, a bit of a curve one way or another isn’t unusual. Most dicks aren’t 100% straight. I’m not sure of the exact definition of Peyronies, but guys shouldn’t freak out if their dicks aren’t straight as an arrow. Mine isn’t.

Kite, do a search here on posts by Iowa. Click the search button at the very top of this page and search by user name. He had Peyronies and made progress working out the plaque with PE.

Here I am

Hi Kite and others…I am the guy…Peyronies hit me several years ago and I have had a long haul in getting over the devistation of a bent penis and broken Corpus Cavernosa. Plaque buildup is the usual result which was so with me. It can be massaged out and you can get a victory over the bends. Erect Bends were mentioned above and yes, they are intense, so you want to be careful, slow and gentle but they do help. Be glad to have anyone contact me. Send a PM and I will respond with email. Iowa

By the way, I had two sever bends, have both totally cured. Plaque was the size of a quarter and that has been massaged away. Lost two inches and have now gained one back, which is more than encouraging. I hear so many with Peyronies bemoaning the condition and doing nothing. The doctors don’t have an answer but PE has been a great “life saver” to me and I am seeing more Peyronies victums trying the exercies. Jelqing, erect bends, stretching, massaging, pulling, tugging, they all help and the main thing is getting blood back into your penis so the curative blood supply will help give life again. Vitamin E seems to be the only thing we can take to help this process. I think the vitamin E thins the blood somewhat to allow the massaged plaque to disapate. Anyway, there is hope for those of you who have peyronies or who have a break or bend in your penis. Just don’t give up…it takes work but you can accomplish what you desire. Thaks for listening….Iowa

thanks for everyone that helped me out. Also i’ve already been doing alot of stretching, jelquing, and erect bends. How long does it usually take for effect to take place?

Porbably some time. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

Have patience. And believe in what Iowa said.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."


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