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Persons who know of your pe-work


I actually have told 5 people. My step father(who has E.D.). I told him out of concern. I’ve told my 2 best friends, a close friend/co-worker, and my wife. All were understanding and did not ridicule me for it. My wife and my 2 best friends have noticed progress. Thanks Thunder for this great web site.

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Yeah the Starbucks guy was me. I think golf weight drops may eventually make confessors of us all. The woman I live with now knows and is very encouraging actually assists me (size queen) with my routines and browses the forum but hasn’t joined yet. Two girls I date regularly now also know, two women at work and two guys at work, know, the two women at work have seen me in my weights. When I first started PE I saw myself as very small, probably smaller than anyone else saw me. At that time I kept PE a top secret project. But now that I’ve gained 2” in girth, I’m more open about sharing the secret, because I know it works.

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My bro, my best friend, my ex gf, and my cousin. I didn’t tell them willingly.

I recently told my current gf, because I can see myself living with her one day. I just told her that I had read about PE, but never actually tried it :D I explained how it works, and even if gains aren’t made, it keeps the penis healthy. She thought it wouldn’t work, and I agreed…”yea probably not.” But I planted the seeds, incase if we do move in, she’ll understand why I’m stretching my penis a couple days a week.

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I told my wife…after she busted me getting ready to hang with my wench.

But I have not and would not consider telling anyone else I know.It is strictly need to know only!

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I told my two best friends (now room mates) about two months ago. Because I’m of small stature, they always assumed I had small manhood. I grew a chubby one day and proved them wrong. Needless to say, they were surprised. Then I decided to fill them in on the secret. I think they tried it out a little, but neither one claims to put much effort into it. Anyway, now I don’t have to come up with lies for why I’m locked in my room for an hour a day.

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Goal...bigger ;)

My wife
My attractive friend from two door down
Her husband from two doors down
Several mates while drunk
Another couple who are close friends

I am planning to tell a friend soon who had a bad sex experience and who openly says he’s small…not sure how to tell him yet as he’s a mate from my cricket team and it’s risky.

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Tell him a bigger bat will help him hit more sixers :D :chuckle: Just dont get caught out!


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I told an ex girlfriend, who in turn told my bandmates.

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My Wife. I had kept it a secret for a long time but decided it was best to come clean.

She has been supportive (kind of) but can’t understand why men obsess over the penis. I then compared it to breast size for women and how a LOT of women are concerened with their size (big or small) and how many try to do something about it. She could relate to this and said “I understand now”.

I have considered sharing this with some of my friends, esp when drinking, but so far, I haven’t. I think a couple have noticed my flacid increase during “piss runs” at concerts and the like.

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I have told 4 close friends. I don’t think any of them have started although one guy was interested in getting more girth.

Two of them ask me about progress every now and again, and I often reply very loudly to embarass them.

Some friends.

Only my wife, in person.

But, I also put entries of my progress in my webpage on another site. One guy read it and inquired, so I told him about this site. He might be a member now.

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