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Perplexing problem

Perplexing problem

Had my son’s out for BBQ this weekend. Drank a few (maybe more) beer’s and had a great time. During the evening, I overheard the middle and youngest (21 & 29) comment about how ” god jipped them” . They were referring to their dick’s, they even went on to talk about the oldest (31) and how he’s hung like a mule (no brain, just a big dick). So, the problem is that I’d kinda like to hook them up with PE, but don’t want them to think I’m a freak.

How would you guy’s go about, turning them onto PE? Maybe, send them some info. anonomously in the mail? I’m not real sure how receptive they would be if they knew that dear old dad was hanging weight’s from his dick.

Any idea’s, greatly appreciated.

"If you build it, they will come".

Well, not speaking as a father…

But you’d need to determine how far they’d be willing to go in order to increase their size. Ask a roundabout question like what they think of the surgury option. And I’d say if they would even half seriously ever consider surgery that you get them to talk to you first (in which case I’d openly talk about PE).

But you’d have to see how badly they want it first. You could just tell them you heard about a site (this one) but they’d have to check it out for relevance on their own.

I’d avoid the email route or any lying. These are your sons, and you don’t want that in the back of your mind when you speak with them in the future. At least that’s the way I view dishonesty. I know you mean well, though.

I guess as a son I would have liked if I felt gypped by genetics and my father knew about PE that he would have told me. I don’t think I’d want to know what he did for PE, however. That’s too personal. It’s on the same level as I know my parents had sex (they’re divorced) and I am glad for them in that, but I don’t want to talk about it, thank you. Who the hell does??

Hey Tryn4more,

Let me tell you something - your son told you something! That is - he doesn’t want to have a small dick! What man, young or old, does? I have gained 1.6 inches in six months of PE. This has exceeded my wildest dreams. I only wish that I had learned about PE when I was 21 instead of 45. Your sons love and respect you and I know that you want to maintain that respect. However, there may be a way to picque their curiosity. When you get the chance, tell them that you came across something on the internet that mighe be of interest to them. Hand them the address for Thunder’s Place and say “Check this out”. If they arean’t interested after visiting, then OK. If they get into it, then you can time your revelation appropriately (after a few beers always seems to work a little better). One thing that I have to say is that they may be missing a hell of an opportunity if they decide to try hanging. Bigger has the Bib hanger available now and it won’t be available for long. I have hung with homemade versions and his hanger is an absolute marvel. I bought a second one the other day just in case something happens to my current one. I am convinced that his hanger is the key to higher levels of growth (length). In any case, this is my humble opinion.

Good luck to you


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I think Jelqtoid has the right idea. Just give them the address. If they ask you questions, fine, if not, just wait.

Right now they’re talking about it among themselves after a few beers. In a few years they may be telling it to relative strangers, like guys I’ve worked with.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Hmmm. Good points, guys. Gotta go with both of them on this. Give ‘em the URL and tell ‘em to ask for…



I’ve been thinking about this myself - but I have some time since my son is only 6. However, part of my reason for taking up PE, was so that I could help my son with my experience, if he ever feels he needs more size. The awkward thing to me would be bringing it up in the first place - you have crossed that hurdle already - you can say you overheard them. Do I worry what my son would think should it come up some day? Sure I do…but I love him, and want him to have the happiest life he can. I’d be willing to bet your sons would see it the same way…just send them here as an ice breaker…

I’ve been having a similar dilema, my younger bro was saying how he wishes he had more length and I told him a bit saying there are exercises out there such as hanging which have been done for hundreds of years and work but never told him that I’m pe-ing and I acted like I didn’t know much about pe just that there are better ways to gain than surgery…at that point he didn’t give an indication that he’d be willing to work for it (he was hoping for a magic pill instead) so I didn’t divulge too much but once I’ve made some gains myself I may buy him a bib hanger for his birthday.

Interesting. my son is 2 so I have a lot of time. I want to introduce him into it gradually around the age of 12-13. I think he will be ok naturally but I don’t want him to feel any pain I felt or go through any thing I went through. Just be honest and upfront.

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