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Permanence of discoloration from clamping


Originally Posted by chainz 8
…If we are in agreement that it is iron and minerals trapped between the skin layers, would wrapping with a magnet bring them to the surface eventually?…

I don’t know that you can say it’s “trapped between skin layers”. As I understood the after-surgery effects of lymph and other fluids, it’s between the cells. That is, outside of the vessels which carry these fluids. As a result, they are unreachable by the normal fluid transport mechanisms. They are eventually reabsorbed - how I don’t know.

I also don’t know if discoloration is this same effect, but it sounds plausible.

On this issue of the cause of discoloration: seems odd that we can see the blood or darkness through the smooth muscle. Therefore, this discoloration must be a skin thing. Is it possible it’s just that skin reacts differently because it’s experiencing the ‘pressure’ differently?

Specifically, the skin is the easiest to stretch and grow and its reaction to the expansion could be wholly different than any of the other tissues.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, admittedly. But is it possible that shorter, more frequent clamp-downs could get the expansion where we want it - without putting the skin in this ‘unusual’ position?

I’m thinking one or two minutes clamped, with a one minute break and then repeat. I know when I stretch joints I’m never looking to hold for 10 or 20 minutes - yet it still works - I am stretched out.

Also, this concept might play into using the notion of cyclic stretching. It has been said that cyclic is the fastest way to stretch. Although the documents I read on that were ER situations and the subject was skin.

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Since I might be talking to myself on this subject, I’ll be brief.

I just tried 20 minutes of 15 seconds of “squeeze the hell out of it” followed by 45 seconds rest. (Top and bottom squeeze using hands only - expanding the majority of the center.)

I can say I’ve got a better sense of the area being ‘tired’ than I ever did with clamping. Note: I have never clamped so hard that I needed two hands to get the last click. That gives me an image of accidentally slicing my dick off.

In my opinion, discoloration is a function of either too much pressure or pressure applied too quickly.

In other words, as stretching or squeezing forces are applied, the extracelluar matrix starts to open and extrude fluid. If too much pressure is applied, or if pressure is applied too quickly (relative to vascular strength), capillaries will begin to break. Blood is then forced into the matrix which becomes “locked” in place as things return to normal.

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