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Permanence and warm ups - to all veterans out there.

Permanence and warm ups - to all veterans out there.

3 questions. I was wondering how people knew about the permanence of gains and if it really is possible. Most people who get big gains seem to never stop and work out from time to time so how do people know about the permanence of the gains and how to go about it?

I’ve read elsewhere people saying that they maintain their results by jelquing once a week or once a month,etc. yet some say all one needs is one week to ‘wean oneself off’ the program… what to believe?

I also read that the towel-wrap is the best to warm-up but I don’t like making a mess (for me to take the time to then clean later) with the towel so I prefer doing warm-up exercises that allow me to stay in my room. Is there a way to warm-up and make it as efficient if not more than the hot wrap sessions without performing the latter, even if it means more time?

Thanks in advance,

Not sure about permanent gains, haven’t gotten there yet.
But as an idea for a warm up I really like which makes no mess and temperature is easily adjustable. Here is what I do. I use running water from the tub. I kneel putting my penis in front of the facet and adjust to preferred temp. Just that easy. No warming towels and no heating pads. I just do a partial towel off and ready in minutes to PE.



Hi poesidon,

I myself have been jelqing for about two years, with on and off periods.
During that time I gained 16 mm (0.6 inch) in length.
Due circumstances there were months I didn’t jelq at all. My gains however staid. Maybe lost one or two mm. but that was it.

This is my experience. I hope this answers your question.

Best regards


Lets put it this way;

have no erection at all for a week and your dick will shrink even smaller than your starting point!

Dick needs erections (and PE:-) to be healthy and to work properly.

You better thank those mornig/nocturnal woodys, without them we would have 4”ers everyone.

Gains are permanent.
I have also experienced a slight “loss” when on a month rest, but most of it stays.



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