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Perhaps a dumb question

Perhaps a dumb question

For those of you who have lost weight. Obviously NBPL will change, but has anyone noticed even a small change in their EBPL?

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It may make a slight difference in EBPL but I think it is neglible.


That doesn’t make any sense! I don’t think you lose bone when you lose weight, in which case there should be no change in EBPL.


The reason for my question is this! I have put on about 30lbs over this last year (yeah I know) and my EBPL shows me being 1/8” smaller even though I have continued with my routine. I may be reaching here but I’m hoping there is some correlation.

Never argue with an idiot...they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.


The difference that is being bantered around has to do with the fat pad in front of the penis. If you gain weight you will show as being a bit smaller, and if you lose weight it will be a bit bigger. Now, the funny part is, the penis is actually the same size (more or less—depending on exercises).

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Of course there would be a difference and the BPEL would get bigger. More fat, takes up more space than less fat even compressed. The fat at the pubic bone isn’t magical. Otherwise, you could pinch “love handles” to the same thickness as other less fat parts of your body.

I was kinda thinking the same thing. There is still a lil fat between the ruler and the bone. BUT since the ruler is so thin, I think the fat will just move to the sides of the ruler. Thus not much difference.

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