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Perfect Manual stretching and hanging tool

Perfect Manual stretching and hanging tool

Hi there you all in PE land.

I have stumbled across the perfect manual stretching and hanging tool. It is called a cable grip and used in the cabling industry. This tool is used when it is required to pull cable through trunking. It is made of thin strands of cable (+-0.5mm or less) woven into a tube shape, this tube has a hook on the one side where one can hook any device, pulling rod or pull by hand.

The cable grips are available in various sizes and works as follows: the grip, when compressed expands in diameter which enables easy insertion of a cable, or in this case the penis, and once fitted a slight yank and the tool will grip the full length of the penis and fit snuffly, and not just in one spot as when doing manual stretches by hand. To get a better idea, extend 1 finger and close the other hand to form a tube, now insert the finger into this tube and grip tight, now pull try and pull the two apart, get the picture?

I have tried it out myself and must say it fits real comfortable and you really get amazing pull/stretch with this device.

These cable grips are manufactured in the USA and the EU, but unfortunately I have not been able to get the brand names. These devices should be available from Electrical outlets or cable companies, in the UK they are distributed by RS.

The grip I tested was borrowed from a friend in the cable industry,so I had to unfortunately return the device. I would really like to buy myself one of these devices, but being from South Africa these devices are imported and very expensive due to our shit rate of exchange. They are sold for about $100 US in South Africa, they should however, be much cheaper in the States or Europe.

Should anyone out there find these at a more affordable price, I would appreciate if you would forward me the detail. The size of grip I’m looking for is one that can cater for +-35mm - 50mm diameter

Hope this bit of information is of use to someone struggling to do manual stretches or battle with hanging

Good luck!

Yes, cah, some time ago (last year, I think) some of the guys discovered this device… a.k.a. the “Chinese Finger Puzzle Hanger”. I’ll try to dig up the thread.


Thanks GlandMaster, I wasn’t aware of the thread. I see they even have the part number and website on the thread so I’ll give it a bash and see what I can find

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