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Penismaster - stop strap slippage

Penismaster - stop strap slippage

There are sure a lot of Penimaster threads out there. And many of them address how to modify the contraption to improve X, Y, Z.

In this post, I’ll tell about how I solved one problem: strap slippage.

Being uncut, I’ve had a number of problems with my Penimaster, mainly due to my penis slipping out of the strap or wrap. If you want to know how I dealt with this particular problem, ask below or PM me.

But recently, I’ve started to ramp up the tension so that the traction force is greater. When I did, however, the strap would get looser and looser, allowing the penis to slip, too. (After the strap loosened itself, my penis would slip backwards so that the strap was right on the glans, instead of below it.) I would try to re-tighten the strap over and over again, but of course, it was an annoying and futile effort. Sometimes I would have to tighten the strap 20 or 25 times per hour (no kidding).

I started thinking, how can I lock the strap in place? (Note: I have an older model Penismater—without the newer “locks” for the strap.) I considered some of the ideas posted before, such as mini-vise grips. The vise grips would work, but even the small ones are bulky and heavy. I want my Penismaster to hide under my clothing.

What I finally settled on was using twist ties, like the ones you find on a bread loaf bag. Here’s how to make them work:

- Determine which notch on the Penismaster strap is right for you—i.e., snug, yet comfortable. For me, it was the third notch on each side, left and right.

- Then, take an object with a sharp, fine point (like a pointy kitchen knife or small beard scissors) and poke a tiny slit/hole (like 0.5 mm in size) above the correct notch on each side. (For me, this was between notches 3 and 4.)

- Finally get two small twist ties. After strapping your penis in the Penismaster, just stick the twist ties through each hole, wrap the tie around one of the sides, and twist the two ends together. Fold the twisted ends beneath the Penimaster to make sure you don’t scratch yourself.

The effect = The twist ties keep the step from slipping past the notch of choice, and the Penismaster stays snugly around your member.

That’s it. Since I did this, I’ve had no strap slippage, and I can really apply a good tension with the device. The only downside is that you can’t remove the device quickly and easily (since you have to un-twist each tie). But it’s a small price to pay, given the frustration I’ve had!

I hope I didn’t reinvent the wheel on this one….. but I didn’t see anyone else make this suggestion in an earlier post.

Good luck to everyone with your goals!


Slowly, but surely...

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Clever idea!

I also remedied my strap slippage by gluing a piece of thin neoprene (from a mouse pad) to the head piece.
I used an exacto knife to make a contour cut around the outside. Now it just looks like a padded head piece.
I cut slots out for the strap holes. The extra material holds the strap in place AND it has padding for comfort.


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I like that idea, Iguana. If comfort becomes an issue, I will try it. In fact, I might test it tonight, just for kicks.

Right now, I am using a silicone wrap (the type that comes with the static stretcher), which seems to work fairly well. (The material that the strap is made of adheres well to the wrap.) The monkey on my back has been the notches on the strap not holding firmly. We will see if the twist ties continue to work.

Slowly, but surely...

March '07: 6.875 BPEL x 5.0 EG

Now: 7.25 BPEL x 5.125 EG

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