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Penismaster question

Penismaster question

I was just wondering, does the penismaster device really show through your pants when you have it on?

Can I wear jeans with the penismaster, and not let anyone see a weird budge through my pants?

And is it really that uncomfortable?

I don’t think it’s that stealthy, especially under jeans. Also, I found that I had to use the VacExtender modified head in order to use it for several hours straight.

If only our SEARCH function was working. Then these poor lads wouldn’t have to come right out and ask their embarrassing questions.

OH, wait! It IS working! Thank God (and I’m an atheist). I thought I’d have to go find a bunch of links on this subject and post them here.

Now codeevil can go to the “Advanced Search” page, select “titles only” from the drop down menu below the search term box and enter “penimaster” as the term to search for. Amazingly he’ll be rewarded with seven pages of links (about 175 of them) to threads with “penimaster” in the title. Very likely at least one of them will have the answers to his questions.

I know, I know, it’s easier to just ask, but searching is so much more rewarding. And you can avoid snotty ass replies like this one. :)

I can’t find anything through searching, though I’ve no doubt it’s about somewhere, but how long should one wear a spring-loaded extender for and at what kind or tension? I have tried minimal tension for a long time but it didn’t feel enough to make any impact, and I’ve tried maximum tension and it ends up painful.

Please, if you’re going to tell me to search, at least give me a clue on where I’m looking as “how long to wear extender” comes up with a million threads that don’t mention it. There are so many possible variables that searching for something specific is pretty hard to find.


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