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Penismaster is great!


I can usually wear my penismaster for 2-3 hours at a time b/f I got to take it off and do some jelqing.

The reason I can wear it for relatively such a long time is because while I’m strapped in I do jelqs and pump blood up and down the shaft, which lets me get another 45 min to an hour.

At what tension do you guys use this item? Do you extend it until you have a certain tension in the skin on the penis on top or bottom, if so how taught? Really tight or just medium tightness?

The reason I ask is even if I only tighten mine down to a light tension on the penis(ie the skin on the top or bottom is not all that tight) I still have to take mine off after 20 mins or so due to cool glans. Maybe this is do to the way I wrap etc, not sure but that is why I am posting to find out. Thanks in advance for all responses, Nem

I cannot wear it at full tension so I try for as long as I can with 2 lines on the tension screws showing. I can wear it for 2 hours the first time and then have to take it off because I get pain/discomfort where the strap is pushing against my glans, which then starts to squash up and wrinkle and pull through the strap.

I then take a break and put the penimaster back on at low tension and can usually last another 1 or 1 1/2 hours before my glans get squashed up again as they start to get pulled through the strap.

Cool, thanks for the info Blue.

I have recently been able to wear mine longer without the gland getting cold. My peni-device is homemade so I am still tinkering. I have found that I am having better luck wearing mine up and with no wrap. I plan on trying to ADS in all directions though just in case it makes a difference.



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