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Penis Volume Calculators

Penis Volume Calculators

I thought that a good way to track your progress in PE would be to take regular penile volume measurements. It’s a pain to calculate the volume by hand, so I wrote my original penile volume calculator in C, in 2003 - simple DOS app. While the calculation isn’t exact (you would need more than 1 girth measurement at mid-shaft), it is consistent; hence, a good way to track progress - or lack thereof.

In early 2007 I put together a Win32 c0cKuL8tR app, but before I could bundle it in a setup.exe, my box crashed. I lost most of the project files, and never bothered to rewrite it.

Recently I revisited that attempt, but my old Visual C++ 6 won’t run on my quad-core x64 system. I managed to get hold of a (relatively) recent Visual Studio, but it’s a lot different than the older one I was used to. I may or may not have the time to conquer the learning curve, but I wanted to update the penis volume app.

I just rewrote 2 penis volume calculators. They’re DOS apps (they do run on Windows 7 Pro x64). I also incorporated some additional results from other penis size surveys (always, of course, hotly disputed). I wrote these latest DOS versions in C++ and included a do-while loop to make the app more convenient (you don’t have to close & reopen the app to enter different values).
I have a Standard version (inches) and a Metric version (MMs) - uploaded in a standard .zip archive.
I hope you can get some use out of them.

[here’s a few screen snags]

- wad

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Love the name “c0cKuL8tR”.

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

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