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Penis Types and PE Techniques

Penis Types and PE Techniques

I’ve noticed PE gains are unpredictable. Many of us share similar responses to PE, though we aren’t readily identifible to each other.

Some guys gain in the first months of PE; others don’t gain until later.

Some make initial gains, then stall. Others gain continuously.

Some gain length faster than girth, and vice versa.

Some are easy gainers who benefit from almost any routine; others have trouble gaining no matter what they try.

It seems to me there ought to be a way to put this all together and categorize “penis types,” so we can identify those who are in the same boat as ourselves to better share our experiences and techniques that work for our given situations.

Is it reasonable to attempt to undertake such a categorization? If so, what defining characteristcs do you suggest? What variables should be used to define a guy as, say a A12C45 type?

Or am I just nuts? :)

sizemoore, penistype T6768X5

I agree it´s a strange thing that gains are so unpredictable but although penis type might be part of the reason for this, I belive most of it is in our hands. We can read some routine about stretching this and squeezing that for so long time and for so many times a week, but we can never know exactly how other guys do it. My theory is that there are other, rather subtile, factors involved that makes or break you in the PE-world. It can be things like breathing, the grip, flexing or not flexing your abs, pull or push you belly etc. Just small things that add up to some kind of general feel for it.

Still searching,

Sizemore, right on again!


you'd think we could

Hi Hobby,

Congratulations on becoming a moderator (I think). I agree….. you’d think we could categorize different types. Also, I agree with sizemoore that little things we do for each exercise may make a big difference. Also, PE such as jelqing and other manaul types are hard to quantify as to intensity. Pumping (if you have a vacuum guage) and hanging (weight) could be measured, but jelqing or stretching is more of an estimate.

As for a variable to measure….maybe penis elasticity. Do growers do better than show’ers or vice versa?
Could we measure blood pressure/pulse during erections? Maybe that’s a bit far, but just a thought.

Anyway, thanks for another good thread, Hardatit

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Interesting topic!

Hi hobby!

Here’s a new perception: In bodybuilding, some people are hardgainers and others aquire muscle mass quicker. Now, diet does play a role in bodybuilding, but some people just have the genetics to get massively huge.

I do lift weights, and I know that I fall under the “hardgainer” category. I’ve noticed that over the past two years, I’ve slowly gained about 13 pounds of muscle. This is only my 5th week in PE, and I gained about 1/8” in length nbp the first month; however, it’s still too early to make anything out of it. Maybe I’ll be a slow grower because of my genetics. Just a thought.

Good points. Subtle variations in technique, variations in workout frequency, rest, etc. can have quite an impact on gains.

Perhaps those who gain girth easily, but length slowly, will find they can best add length by following strategy x. Maybe those who gain girth easily and length slowly who also experienced rapid gains when beginning PE will find they can best add length by following strategy y, yet if they didn’t have early gains strategy z is probably better. And so on.

Our individual proportions of fiber types, as well as individual variations in the specific composition of these fibers, not to mention recovery ability and a plethora of other variables, may make certain strategies more suitable for some “penis types” than others. Probably the only way to categorize these is by response to PE, though this isn’t perfect.

SuperStroker mentioned body building. A routine beneficial to Arnold S. isn’t likely to be of much help to a hardgainer, and the two would make poor training partners because their responses to weight training are so different. Hardgainers will learn more if they share experiences with others who are in the same position.

Perhaps PE isn’t to the point yet where we can start to separate PE’ers into various categories. The medical field doesn’t seem interested in PE, which is a shame. We’re left on our own to investigate it.

Wouldn’t it be great for a guy someday to come to Thunder’s Place on his 6 month anniversary of PE, fill out a survey concerning his gains and/or routine to date, and receive suggestions how to proceed based on how others who were in his shoes at that point have had the most success?

Hey hobby,

That would be some database. Probably the hardest part would be the classification of types and getting the guys to understand the classifications. Interesting idea though. You have any database background??

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I don’t have any experience with databases. Questions could be geared so guys don’t have to worry about classifications per se, but just complete a survey.


13 punds in two year, that´s GOOD, hardly “hardgainer” IMO.

Look at it this way, 5 years equals 32.5 pounds!


I’ve read that if you “body build” regularly (as opposed to weight lifting which is more for strength than muscle mass), 12 lbs a year is the average muscle gain. So 13 lbs in two years probably would be considered a hardgainer.


Maybe you’ve seen it already but just in case, someone a while back had a theory that fast initial gains are experienced by guys whose penises are located high up on their abdomens. I guess that would be related to pelvic structure, but it’s something else to consider and investigate.


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