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Penis too hard


The decreased size of the penis with positions is not a function of decreased tunica expansion in full erection. When you are in the sitting position with your legs at 90 degrees, you shift your pelvis downward, particularly the ischium where the cavernosa anchor to it (crux of the penis or root of the penis). This pulls your unexposed portions of the penis deeper into your pelvis and dragging some of your normally exposed penis with it. Your erection is not smaller, just less exposed.

I’ve been doing PE (including tunica stretches) and extender stretches for almost nine months with great success and rock hard erections. I have never had engorgement of my “outer layers’. When I have a full erection, my cavernosa surrounded by tunica is very hard. The over lying skin and connective tissue are applied close to the tunica.

I do not clamp or pump but if you cause a leak of fluid from blood vessels either by negative pressure (with pumping) or elevated vein pressure (clamping), the “increase girth” or “tumescence” you are seeing is edema and not real enhancement because it is temporary. To maintain this level of edema (subcutaneous edema), you will have to routinely pump or clamp. This edema fluid will either be reabsorbed by blood vessels or quickly drain via lymphatics. See my posts #4 and #6 on this thread for a physiological explanation of edemas formation and drainage:

Fluid Build Up/Anti-Turtle Sleeve/Misc.

I am not saying that clamping or pumping does not induce enhancement because it does. But unless I was (or still am) out to lunch and didn’t get the message, the overarching goal is to expand the capacity of the cavernosa by stretching the rigid tunica fibers to cause microinjury through plastic deformation and subsequent repair at a larger size. The subcutaneous edema is a side effect of the process and is temporary. Am I wrong here?

You need to explain to me how tissues are becoming more inelastic at smaller penis sizes or lengths.

It is the tunica that gives the restriction to further size at full erection. It is a connective tissue with relatively smaller amount of elastic fibers relative to the more rigid fibers. Its elastic component is what gives its stretchability and recoil initially (like the balloon). To get plastic deformation you must over come this elasticity because it tends to allow recoil to its normal shorter state. Therefore as you deform the tunica with stretches beyond the ability of the elastic fiber recoil, the rigid fibers take the forces. Therefore the tunica becomes inelastic at a longer fiber stretch length, not shorter. A balloon is completely elastic and has no rigid component, so your example is not completely applicable here.

Compliance of the tunica itself decreases as its fibers stretch and become inelastic. However after plastic deformation, fiber length (both longitudinally and circumstantially) will be longer. Therefore overall capacity of the chambers within the tunica will be greater so that at fully erect pressures (200 - 300 mmHg) the chambers will be longer and fuller, not less.

Your explanation as to a harder erection at a shorter length still doesn’t make sense to me. Can you or someone else elaborate to help me understand.

I do not disagree with anything you have said, I guess the only thing being argued is the variability of erection size at any given time. It is correct in saying that in the seated position less penis is being exposed but as a result of this retrenchment not only do you experience less length due to pelvic position you also are affected in the girth department due to pressure/flow characteristics of the flow metric system. The seated example is an extreme but there are numerous examples of outside influences that can affect the size of an erection. Relaxation and optimum blood pressure inducing characteristics are the critical components to maximize the size of an erection. Temperature and outside influences that improve blood flow characteristics will have additive influence on the blossoming of a boner.

There are always individuals in this forum that lament to size loss between measuring periods. They do not understand that trauma will affect the size of their cock, if the penis is not healthy it cannot fully expand. Almost anything you can mention will affect the size of an erection. It covers the entire gamut of physical and emotional circumstances, and it is a losing proposition to think that every measuring episode is going to result in an incremental increase. You can also go backwards as easily as going forward. The good news is that every day presents a new opportunity to be at your biggest and boldest.

And I agree with everything you say regarding the multiple factors that effect erect penis. I firmly (erect and engorged, by the way) believe in Sparxx’ Physiological Indicators. Many of the factors you describe affect EQ by disrupting normal physiology of the erect penis.

I personally experience no positional changes in erectile strength, all factors being equal. I have positional retraction only. Maybe I’m unusual.

With all that said, I still have difficulties understanding how you can have a penis at 70% of its ‘normal’ erectile length (pick either BPEL or NBPEL) and have an overfilling problem. All the factors you describe affect overall erection quality, length and girth. Personally, when I have EQ difficulties (particularly after aggressive stretch and tunica work), I’ll have 80-90% length but diminished engorgement. Never the other way around. This is why I asked if others had similar experiences. It just seems counter-intuitive to me, that’s all.

You can demonstrate the condition to yourself by getting an erection while you are icing down your loin area. The penis and more specifically the erection can be a paradoxical organ. The penis responds to all sorts of inputs that can be quite strange, and it is one of the reasons that there is no consensus in the medical community about how to healthfully grow and improve your size and EQ. Some penis’ are much more reactive to outside stimulus, if I walk across a cold tile floor in bare feet I will shrivel to nothing; another guy can walk across the same floor and swing like Tarzan.

Some have mentioned, measuring “max full” penis.

IE: using cockring or clamp, and totally engorging the unit.

Testing in this manner will show what 100% filled tunical bladders can hold.

The reason I mentioned this, is some of our measuring episodes have the variability of different
erection percentages…

Originally Posted by optimalss
Some have mentioned, measuring “max full” penis.

IE: using cockring or clamp, and totally engorging the unit.

Testing in this manner will show what 100% filled tunical bladders can hold.

The reason I mentioned this, is some of our measuring episodes have the variability of different
erection percentages…

Wearing a restrictive ring gives you an indication of potential capacity of the penis. Measured erect girth by the instructions on this site are for it to be taken at full erection, without such a band.

Even when fully erect with an overfilled sensation, my penis is never as girthy as with a ring.

An EG measurement with a ring is artificial and as such is not a number that should be posted for comparative purposes with others who don’t wear a ring to measure..

A more interesting point would be to post the two measurements together to see the difference. The would make for an interesting comparison with other members, if it already hasn’t been done.

This is good dick politics!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

“pundelum” -

We have to find a way, becasue on two different days, without losing or gaining potential you can measure
a small distance off.

Some of it is because of slight measuring variability, and some of it is due to difference in erection strength.

How can we measure 100% against 100%?

And to think about it, some days you might measure 103% just because mentally you are in your zone…


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