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Penis surgery in the uk?

Penis surgery in the uk?

Having been hanging for around 3 years on and off with little gains(straight down and upper angles) i have been thinking about having surgery for length gains.I know a lot of the gain comes after the surgery by hanging weights but it will give me the head start I need.

Has anyone in the uk had the lengthening surgery and what were your experiences or even beter could point me in the right direction to a surgeon that is experienced in this type of surgery?


And how long are you when you’re considering surgery ? what are your stats ?



Have you tried approaching your GP? This might be the best way to get recommended to a good surgeon (even if it is private) though it seems that counselling before surgery is recommended best practise. I know that the UK has a number of chop shops in the same way as the states and a number are registered with Harley street addresses but there seems to be a tendency amongst good surgeons to turn down people they think are of an adequate size already.

I’m sorry but that’s about all I know on the subject.

I have to ask though. 3 years hanging. Mostly off, right?

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I am 5.5 inch EL(measured from top) and around 2.5 - 3 inch flacid..Do you think I could be a candidate?

More on than off but can’t seem to get anywhere even with heavy weights and i am uncut and it’s a bit more tricky to do than when cut.

So what… I’m 6” EL and I don’t consider surgery even in my nightmares…

Read this first “/forum/showthread.php?t=66953” , and then you reconsider about going under the knife… Give it a try once more, train smart and don’t alow your penis to adapt by training hard.Traind smart not hard!



I don’t know, probably not an NHS candidate because that’s an average length and they tend to be interested in micropenis. I’m sure you’ll be able to get it done privately if you want but I’d talk to your GP about getting a referral to a specialist. It’s more likely than not that your GP will attempt to float you down the body dysmorphia route and even if he/she doesn’t the specialist might. Tell them you are going to fly to mexico on a bigger penis holiday and they might see you as being serious but the important thing is to get your GP to actually refer you appropriately rather than fob you off with immediate counselling from a generic (local) psychotherapist.

I don’t know (and haven’t looked at your post history) whether you started on big weights but I think some people simply fuck up their chances by going down routes that allow the penis to adapt to the stress. If you’ve never done girth work, have you considered trying it to see if you can stimulate length gains?

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I think if you’re already hung that much SD without any result you won’t see any gains from surgery. If you seriously did a SD hanging routine for that long your ligs are probably no longer a limiting factor.


Take my word for it and go under the knife if you want to add 1-2” of length. I had the lengthening surgery back in September 06 by Dr. Rosenthal in California. On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain is maybe a 2, you can take the pain pills he prescribes but I never had to. Anyway, I’ve been hanging weights since October. I started with 2lbs and have worked my way up to 8lbs. I have gained 1-1/4” in 5 months. I am 7.5 ” in erect length.
Don’t believe all the B.S out there. There are good and bad doctors, you just have to be careful who you pick. The only guy I would let near me is Rosenthal.


Did you try PE before your surgery? There are many people who’ve gained what you have from hanging without the surgery first.

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I tried hanging for a year and had very little gains. The thing is that some guys have very tight ligs while others don’t. I did my research and talked to a few guys that had the procedure done. The only way for me to gain what I did was to release some of the ligament through surgery and then apply stress to it with a weight system.

The hanging after surgery, is it just straight down?

With a noose type hanger or what?

And what sort of program (time x weight x sets) does the doctor recommend?

The hanging after surgery is straight down. I used the grip system, Rosenthal recommends it. As for the program you start off at 2lbs for 45 minutes everyday for the first month. You can;t go any heavier because it really pulls on yuor cut ligament. After the first month I started to add a pound every second week. Also, I increased the hang time to an hour every day. The doc told me to do an hour max.

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