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Penis surgeon arrested

Penis surgeon arrested

The Danish penis surgeon (and the inventor of the J.E.S. extender) Jørn Ege Sienna was arrested in Denmark after he turned himself in to the Danish police.

Jørn Ege is the man who in his own opinion has helped a lot of men with penis size issues. Around 700 Norwegian men has had penis lengthening surgery done at Jørn Eges clinic in Copenhagen Denmark.

But not all was satisfied with the results after the surgery, Several men has filed lawsuits against Jørn Ege after having their penis butchered and their life destroyed. After the surgery the ability to have sex has been difficult and for some impossible. Some have big emotional problems after the surgery. Several Norwegian men has been to the Norwegian “Rikshospitalet” to get help after having complications with the work of the Danish surgeon.

Two years ago the surgeons clinic (Scandinavian clinic of plastic surgery) went bankrupt. Jørn Ege is charged for not paying tax (32 millions DKR), And for the law suits from former patients.

Ege has been hiding from the Danish police for the last year, But chose to turn himself in. In an TV appeal he asked not to be put in prison during the Christmas holidays. He earlier went to Germany to escape his court trial, And he later ran to Greece where he was hiding while the police was looking for him. The police says that they had no options and that they had to lock him up.

According to VG (Norwegian newspaper) Jørn Ege earned 250 million DKR from the PE surgery performed at his clinic in Denmark, Charging around 40.000 DKR for the lengthening surgery.

And he never stopped performing the surgery while on the run, He was doing PE surgery both in Germany and in Greece.

I thought he (Ege) was an honest man….

Never ever a turtle again...

Oh yes, very honest

Sharp knife and Penis don’t go together without heartache

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Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Sharp knife and Penis don’t go together without heartache

Don’t get why people even try this, very wise words dino.

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Originally Posted by gameofinches
Don’t get why people even try this, very wise words dino.

‘They’ try it because the ‘Establishment’ and the ‘Media’, in all their wisdom, utterly deny the possibility and efficacy of PE, manual [‘Natural’] or equipment* oriented.

So ‘they’ feel frustrated with their genetic lot and have been told they have no other option to make a change, so under the knife they go.

* Pumps are a universal visual joke in films- think Austin Powers.

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