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Penis Size: The True Average

Originally Posted by a-unit
And it has also been suggested that women choose bigger guys for short-term relationships and sex given a choice.

Meaning women prefer a smaller penis for long term relationships? Or they just prioritize other traits over penis size when selecting long term partners?

Originally Posted by C.C. Deville
Meaning women prefer a smaller penis for long term relationships? Or they just prioritize other traits over penis size when selecting long term partners?

I think other factors come into play.

Money, personality, intelligence, fave, body are much higher up on a girls priorities than dick size.

My wife chose me long before she saw my penis.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
“In 253 Tanzanian males 10 to 47 years old”

Thats why.

Read it again.

SD penile length in adults was 11.5 ± 1.6 cm.”

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Originally Posted by memento
It doesn’t say in the abstract how the measurements were taken.

From the study:

“Penile measurements were made immediately before surgery after administering local anesthesia. After manual reduction of any suprapubic fat, gentle traction was applied at the corona. Stretched penile length in cm was measured from the penopubic junction to the most distal glans using a ruler. Glans length in cm from corona to distal glans was also recorded. Length in cm from the corona to the distal edge of the reduced foreskin in the relaxed state was measured using a ruler. Unstretched shaft circumference in cm at the corona and distal shaft was measured with a tape measure. Distal foreskin stretched diameter was measured in cm by inserting the inside jaws of a vernier caliper in the opening of the reduced foreskin and gently separating until the skin was taut transversely, insuring that the foreskin did not roll off. Foreskin thickness under tension in mm was measured by placing the fixed jaw of the caliper flush along the longitudinal penile axis with the tip at the corona and then reducing the foreskin over the glans and the caliper jaw. The jaws were then approximated until the foreskin did not slide out with care taken not to over compress the tissue while measuring.”

Thanks. Interesting. I wonder in which direction the traction was applied.

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How does that translate to erect length? Is stretched flaccid about the same erect length and is “penopubic” bone-pressed?

Originally Posted by MasterSplither
How does that translate to erect length? Is stretched flaccid about the same erect length and is “penopubic” bone-pressed?

Searched in google and found this:
dickerschwanz - Penis Size: The True Average


flaccid penopubic penile length (to the pubic arch) 10.2cm
and stretched flaccid penopubic length. 14,3 cm / 5,62 inch

The pubic arch is most probably the point where we measure bone pressed.
So I guess its: BPFSL 5,62 inch

Stretch flaccid is for most people bigger then erect. Up to 1 inch. But more probable up to 0,5 inches. Btw. it appears that PE’s have a longer BPFSL vs BPEL(TGC theory)
So probably the BPEL of this 610 people study is about: BPEL 5,3 Inches
Which once again proves the OP!

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

Studies in which size is verified by a third party, therefore, have consistently turned up averages below those of self-report studies. For example, the famous Kinsey self-report survey found an average NBPEL of 6.16”, while a Durex online survey showed an average of 6.4” NBPEL. In my opinion, to trust men’s anonymous self-reports over the data of seven objective medical studies demonstrates penis-size paranoia — something to which we are prone here. If we look at the objective data instead, the average erect penis length appears to be no greater than 5.5 - 6.5” BP — and may even be smaller.

BTW: With a very high distribution towards the average:
The (statistical) Truth About Cock Size

I suppose that almost anyone can reach at least an average penissize with PE.

I apologize for the repost. I didn’t realize someone beat me to the punch.

I have been in a lot of spa’s, sauna’s, gyms, etc and I have lived in Europe, North America, South America and East Asia.. The average flaccid really just seems to be around 3 inches in my opinion and in some countries 2 - 3 inches.

In my opinion The true average is more likely around 5 - 5.5 BP and 4.5 - 5 inch NBP. Girth Wise I agree that MSEG is somewhere around 4.5 - 5.0 on average. That is mainly judging on all the flaccid’s I have seen in real life and all the Amateur and Asian porn I have seen (which is still skewed upwards as smaller guys are less likely to film themselves).

Also in all my time I probably only saw one or two other flaccid’s that were around 5 - 6 inch in length. I do know quite a few people who supposed to have big ones But they are still 1 out of many. And sure they might be 7 or 8 inches but what about their girth? Or sure they might have 6 inch girth but what about their length?

When it does come to long guys I think sizes like 8 BP x 5.25 MSEG and for those who are thick 6.5 BP x 6 MSEG is more common. Naturally most big guys are either naturally long and a bit above average girth or thick and bit above average length.

8 x 6 to be both very long and very thick is in my opinion very, very rare!

I analyzed this study:

(I added .5cm/.2” to the FSL measurements to get a good EL estimate)
68% of men fall between 13-16.4cm(BPEL) or 11.5-14.9cm(NBPEL)
95% of men fall between 12.3-18cm(BPEL) or 10.8-16.7cm(NBPEL)
99% of men fall between 10.6-19.7cm(BPEL) or 9.1-18.4cm(NBPEL)

In inches:
68% of men fall between 5.12-6.46 inches(BPEL) or 4.57-5.91 inches(NBPEL)
95% of men fall between 4.84-7.09 inches(BPEL) or 3.9-6.57 inches(NBPEL)
99% of men fall between 4.17-7.76 inches(BPEL) or 3.23-7.24 inches(NBPEL)

This is however assuming a normal distribution, which I think is reasonable since micropenis occurs in 0.6% of males:

Looking at these stats objectively you can conclude that:
3.9” or 9.9cm NBPEL you’re SMALL
5.2” or 13.3cm NBPEL you’re AVERAGE
6.57” or 16.7cm NBPEL you’re LARGE
7.24 or 18.4cm NBPEL you’re HUGE

All of us PE’ers know that size is totally subjective and what most of us have fallen victim to is a sense of reality that’s false.
Take height as an example, in the real world you would probably consider a guy above 6’3”(large penis in the real world) tall or very tall. But compared to the average NBA player(pornstar). That’s short.

Also, add to the fact that supposed 10” dicks in porn rarely even exceed a 8” NBPEL when measured properly and you’ll be convinced that such lengths are EXTREMELY rare.

I was single for 4 years due to depressions and anxieties, have not been sexually active since my teenage years but a couple months ago I met this awesome girl and after 4 years of heavy porn abuse I defenitely had insecurities showing her my penis, afraid that I’d be below average and that she would have gotten dissappointed.. So I started looking into studies and did some PE briefly for a couple of days until things escalated between her and me and we had sex but she could not take it easily despite lots of foreplay so I assumed that my size actually might be pretty good like the studies have suggested.. She’s now my girlfriend and we had a talk about previous partners(she asked me about mine) and so I asked her how many she’d been with, and how my penis measures up against them and she said “Well, one guy was a little bit bigger than the others and you’re probably alittle bit longer but a fair bit thicker than him.” to which I asked what she initially thought of it.. She said “That its big and not sure if I could take it comfortably.” A huuuuuuuuge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I decided to stop PE.. I figured that it was not worth the risk. I measure at 6.7” NBPEL and 5.7” MSEG and I realize now that it’s more than enough, I even checked sex toy forums and such where ladies discussed dildo size and the upper limit for what most women can comfortably take seems to be around 6-7” insertable length and 5.5-6” girth. And that with lots of lube and some warmup.

What is it I’m trying to say? If you are average or even above average you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You’re better off without a cockhungry sizequeen who’s only together with you because of selfish pleasure desires. Most normal chicks give very few fucks about penis size as long as it’s in the normal range.

NBPEL: 16.8cm / EG: 14.5cm / FL: 11.5cm

I have decided to not do PE for now, I'm not totally satisfied with what I was born with.

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@Post above, NBPEL in inches were incorrect

68% of all men are between 4.5-5.9” NBPEL

95% of all men are between 4.3-6.57” NBPEL

99% of all men are between 3.63-7.24” NBPEL

NBPEL: 16.8cm / EG: 14.5cm / FL: 11.5cm

I have decided to not do PE for now, I'm not totally satisfied with what I was born with.

Thanks, Pucko.

Looking at the abstract, I have to wonder about measurements on 110 of the subjects occurring “in operating theatres during examination under anaesthetic.” Kind of a creepy practice if you ask me.

“Uh, Nurse? What does this mean here where it says, ‘patient additionally consents to FL, BPFL, and FSL quantification during aforementioned procedure’?”

“Oh, that’s just part of the standard tonsillectomy consent form. Now, if you’d please just sign it, Mr. Wolsley. The doctors are waiting.”

My wife has been close friends with a girl she met at school 20yrs ago. When she started uni she needed money, so she worked in a parlour one night a week for a few months. Long story short - 20 years later she has 2 degees and is a well payed madam.

She has many amusing story’s and my wife dropped me in the deep end once telling her about how I think I’m on the smaller side. This started a long and funny conversation that made me feel a lot better about myself. It turns out that after 20yrs in her job one and a half of her hands is the average, give or take a finger. So I got the ruler out to see what one and a half of her hands measures and that is 6”.

I know this is not very scientific but she has seen a lot of dick, ranging from O my god, to that so cute, but 90% of what she said she see’s is 6”. But this is only one girls perspective.


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