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Penis size in RELATION to Body size:


Penis size in RELATION to Body size:

I am very skinny and reasonably tall and I have noticed that my dick is somewhat like my body.

I range between 7.5” and 7.75” ELBP - when pressing very hard with my strongest erection (about 7” Non-BP) and my girth is 4.75” inches at the upper mid-shaft increasing to 5.25” at the base.

I have noticed from certain porn pics of men slamming women and getting head ( lol), that the very skinny dudes that sometimes appear in the ameteur photos etc, that they have skinny girths aswell. ( around 4.5” to 5” )

What do you guys think?

In relation to my body my dick looks q.big probably very big to most girls, because I am about 5ft11” tall and look like a stick insect (lol) - but i guess on a guy who is 6ft4” and 17stones, 7x5 would look more ‘average’.

Do the skinny guys on here find they also have skinny girths and are you stocky men packing large girths?

No correlation between body shape type and dick size

As far as I can tell from experience and also from reading this board, penis size is ‘independent’ of it’s owner’s body shape. You would expect the tallest guys to have the biggest packages and the short ones to be small, but in reality it does not work that way.

Nature’s way to have a joke on mankind??

There is one tall guy here - UIShrike - who honestly feels he’s not big although he is about 8.5”! Go figure.

ù ì å í


I actually read a very big study about this a few years ago, several thousands of participants, and it dealt with hight, size of nose, feet, hands and so on in relation to penis size. It also dealth with ethnic background, very interesting.

Anyway, the result was that there was NO relation between height and penis size nor between size of hands, feets and nose and penis size.

The ethnic background part showed that there was no difference between white and black penis size, only asians were a bit smaller.

In the study the participants also answered how they themself ranged their endowment and black males were those who rated themself highest.

I wish I still had that link :-/ Maybe someone else saw it?

I take an 8.5” shoe (my foot measures about 10.5”) and I have very small hands too.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Priapos (hey fellow swede btw!)

It´s looks very much like it! Great!

Not exactly the same data as I remember but pretty much the same. Except that acording to this there is a strong relation between height and penis lenght :P

Oh well, my guess is that the further you stray from average height the lesser number of responses you get and the more the single person counts. I think someone who is huge are more likely to have a huge unit due to some imbalance that caused the hugeness. Well, you get the picture.

I have to say that I´m a bit envious of the black confidence demonstrated there.


the sizesurvey does indicate a very rough correlation between hieght and dick size. The parameter with the best correlation was foot size.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


If that’s so, I want my shoe size.

There is a similar thread going now over at PE Forums. As I said there, I will be truly surprised if any body part or dimension ever turns out to correlate with penis size. I’ve got the nose, I’m tall, I have big feet, big hands, long limbs. And I started with an average length dick.

Seems to me that the only reality here is an expectation we all tend to carry with us: High people should have longer units; low people should have shorter ones. But as we all seen in naked places, there is just no such rule. Only one example: One of my best friends only comes up to my armpits in height yet he has a very humongous member which he came about genetically.

Interesting question I’ve never seen answered: Whom do we inherit dick size from? Our mother’s father, as in hair pattern?



Hey Avocet8, I’ve always heard that the male determines the gender of the child, so as would gender would go dick size. As for “the parameter with the best correlation was foot size” I’m 6 foot tall and have a shoe size of 12.5 and my member is only 5.5 inch’s length, only if I could dream of a 12.5 inch member. :)



I hear you, but I don’t think it works that way. It’s more about dominent and recessive genes. My dad’s eye color was different from my own. Yet I ended up with the same hair color but not the same texture - his was curly, mine is straight. I got his same exact nose and brow yet when I look in a mirror while shaving, there is my mother’s eye shape.

Who contributed to the size of my cock? I haven’t a clue.



Hey Avocet8, I should have said I’ve always heard that the male determines the gender of the child, so as would gender would go dick size I guess. Sorry about that, I have a problem with editing after I realize what I should have included it’s past the 10min mark . :D


Actually ;)


I don´t mean to be a dick about it but you don´t inherit hairpattern from the maternal side, that´s just a myth, it´s like with any other part of your body. Hair I know, I have studied it for years.

I belive it´s the same with penis size, anything else would greatly surprise me. It´s hard to tell with the eye too because things like this can skip a generation or two as well.


About the relation to shoesize, I thought this ment that the correlation between shoe size and size of other bodyparts was the worst. English is not my first language, so I´ll just blame any misstakes on that ;)

“With the exception of shoe size, there exists a significant but weak correlation for each of the body parts studied. “

Hi there!

Well guys, I guess I’d have to trace some generations back to find someone with my kind of body in my family. Everyone is “short” in stature, but heavy frame (a polite way to call them fat :) ). No one, not my father, mother, grandparents, and even great grandparents are has tall as I am. I’m 6’4” with ~250 Lbs of weight (about 20% bodyfat). I guess I’m the product of all the minority genes in all my family’s previous generations adding up, and producing a big guy, instead of a short guy as is family average. So if I got this height from “somewhere”, other body parts my be inherited also by “someone” way back in the geneological tree :)

WillB7 is right when he says I think I’m small. I guess I’m a little like DLD pertaining this dick business, I get pretty obcessive about it. Right now I’m BP 8.7” in length (the Bib Hanging is finally paying of), but am only NBP 7.1”. And to me, looking at may frame, I’m “average”. Of course I don’t want to be average. I’m trying to lose fat (about 22 lbs), which will probably help me to lessen this difference between BP and NBP. when this difference is in the .5-1” range, then I’ll probably be more happy with my package.

So all this to say that I don’t really think that body part size (I have big hands, 13 shoe, big nose) and genetic traits from parents play an important role in this. At least in my case I don’t find a relationship with my ancestors (at least the first two generations back). It’s like some guys have said here, skinny and average height guys, with an average to big package are more impressive at first sight since the overall body frame is small. Big guys, in height and in frame, have to have a big to humungous dick to be impressive, since the body frame size is big.



UIShrike, we are similar in many respects physically…
I am also 6’4” (slightly over) and 210 pounds (approx) with not much body fat though.

fairly stocky torso with comparitively spindly arms/legs.
I am also the tallest in my whole family.

my member currently stands at 10” and I have never really considered it to be big, even when disreguarding my bodysize.


I am 6’5” and 220 lbs. Prior to PE, I was only 5.5 EL. I am now 7.1 EL. So, I am convinced that body size has nothing to do with it.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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