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Penis size in RELATION to Body size:


slap your mother?

Dick size is a trait inherited from your mother not your father. Forgot where I read this, but as far as I can remember it was a legitimate site. Ooops, or maybe not…

According to the National Center for Genome Research at the National Institutes of Health, penis size, like height, weight, and general build, probably comes from both mother and father. Research on size-related genital genetics is scarce because funds and brain power are, understandably, spent on finding treatments and cures for genetic disorders, like human growth hormone deficiency, which can cause stunted penile development.



Re: what the correlation coefficient number means

No correlation at all is a correlation of 0.0.

A perfect positive correlation - for example, the taller the man, the bigger the penis, each and every time - is positive 1.0.

A perfect inverse correlation - for example, the bigger the man, the smaller the penis, each and every time - would be negative 1.0.

All correlation coefficients are between -1.0 and +1.0. You can’t have a correlation coefficient outside this range.

A correlation of 0.08 is not a strong one at all. It’s extremely weak. In fact, it’s considered to be so small that it is effectively no correlation at all. 0.8 would be very strong.

metal ed

thanks for clearing that up.

I guess the “p” value that I see mentioned in medical literature is the confidence interval, I just know that the smaller the number the better. I’m no statistician.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

You’re right about the p value - the smaller, the better.


I was hoping while I WAS GROWING UP THAT i’D have a decent size penis when I grew up due to having big hands and big feet. (NOT) didn’t work out like that. I’m only 5’7 and can palm a basketball and wear the same size shoe as my Father who is over 6 feet tall.


6’2” and approx 200 lbs…
Dark hair, eyes
Feet = 12.5
Hands are 8” in length… I always thought that the hand was a dead ringer for erect length but some things I did in the military (some gang bangs) taught me otherwise….

Oh,, forgot to mention

8” x 6.5 or so…


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