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Penis shafter

Penis shafter


Tom Hubbard describes in his excellent site a ‘Penis Shafter’ made of foam insulation. The idea is based on some tales from Papua New Guinea.
Does anybody uses this device? If so, what’s the feeling wearing it during day time as an ADS?



You can buy a insulation foam from the hardware shops that is used to insulate the pipeing on air conditioners.Comes in 2meter lengths,and two diameters. Cut a length [for my use 7” long] and use soap and water as a lube,as this will dry out and the penis will not slide back inside when flaccid .

It is good to walk around all day without a erection but knowing your dick is stretched to the full length. The girls also notice it.

Quote Tom Hubbard from his current site:

“foam penis enlarger

Foam insulation ‘Shafter’: this is another device I abandoned fairly quickly. It was based on some story from Papua New Guinea. It uses foam pipe insulation. I got the biggest scare of my PE career when I attached a couple of pounds to this and forgot about it for a while - it really looked like it had done permanent damage.”

Be very cautious with this if you make one!!

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Yeah I made a stretcher out of foam insulation, very simple stretch your dick out measure from the base to the head and cut a piece of the foam it’s already cut down the middle, slide your dick in and put two heavy duty rubber bands around it. You get a great stretch and it’s so comfortable that you leave it on two long and end up with a cold blue dick. I don’t use it anymore, but I guess if your wore it while on the computer like I do with hanging and you took it off every 20 min it would be cool.

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Thanks for your reply, guys.
I will give it a try and make mine on the weekend. I will post my experience after one month trial.
As ThunderSS pointed out hanging weights with the shafter should be avoided.
myeight: excellent idea to use soap and water!



I was looking for a similar ADS device and came across this:

All Day Stretch

This guy says he got an additional 1/2” or so once he started using it. I’m not doing any hanging, so I’m looking for something to augment my daily stretch routine. I figure I’ll try this one, only seriously heeding the circulation warnings everybody’s written about.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained…


Hi Peep

thanks for posting this link. I will give it a try. Let’s share our experiences after wearing it for one month!



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