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Penis pushes back into the body?!


Penis pushes back into the body?!

Well, it doesn’t go back into the body, but here is the story:

Sometimes when I do lunges or squats, my penis seems to be pushed back and my skin goes almost over the head (makes it look like I’m uncircumsized when I am circumsized). It also is very irritating and doesn’t feel right.

Any idea why this happens? I used to hang a lot (within the proper guidelines), but have switched over to manual stretches and jelqing. This “penis skin going over the head” thing has been going on almost as long as I have been PEing (4-5 months).

Welcome to the wonderful world of PE skin. This extra skin is almost unavoidable with aggressive PE. It is the first gain. Later you will fill that extra skin with dick if you keep to it. The good news is the weight of it will help keep your flaccid from turtling so much and it also adds to the illusion of flaccid girth by making your flaccid thicker.

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No Nukes

Your fear of penis retraction is similiar to a medical syndrome called Koro with well-documented case studies and mass epidemics, 1 involving more than 500 men - see page 3-4 of pdf file attached.

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Do you squat naked?

Maybe wrapping (your penis) before you work out would help?

I am doing a leg work out tommorow I will see if the same happens to me.

I think you are thinking about your dick too much. You should be thinking about building massive quads!

Koro! Wow, how did you ever find such information?

“My dick is retracting and then I will die!!!”

But actually shymplsmale, I think this problem is in fact psychological and not a case of physical discomfort, if you are truthful with yourself. I suppose it feels immasculating to feel your penis shrinking up, but what does it matter? That is what penis’s do sometimes.

Horny Bastard


Whilst penis theft would seem a fairly simple charge to refute, victims in an 1990 Nigerian outbreak (reported on by psychiatrist Sunny Ilechukwu) often believed that their penises were returned at the point of public accusation. Some even went as far as undress to prove their accusation to onlookers, subsequently claiming that their 'returned' penis had been replaced but was shrunk, leading them to think it must be a ghost penis or perhaps the wrong one.

Now that is funny!

Hey who took my giant shlong and replaced it with this tiny shriveled up thing!

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey Lost,

Link your attachment please.


Originally Posted by mravg
Hey who took my giant shlong and replaced it with this tiny shriveled up thing!

Hey, come on guys… This is not my dick! Come on, seriously. Stop playin’…. Seriously, just go ahead and give it back….

Hey Shymplsmale I know exactly what you’re talking about, since I started PE I’ve noticed the same thing that whenever he shrivels, whether it be working out or just plain cold from walking outside for a while it feels very strange when you aren’t used to your head being covered in ‘skin’. I hope that Big Girtha is right and that it is the first sign of growth!

Man who farts in church sits in pew...

Thanks for the input, Girtha, along with the rest.

I’m not “scared” that it is shriveling up (I know that feeling), but, like I stated before, I can actually feel the skin going over my penis head when doing lunges/squats. I actually have to stop in the middle of my set and run to the bathroom to make sure it didn’t disappear (LOL) and to try and make it somewhat semi-erect so it doesn’t happen again while working out. I’ve been working out for years and haven’t had this feeling until I started PEing, but I’m sure I”ll get over it :)

Total Penile Volume (TPV)

It is perfectly natural for the retraction to be more pronounced during workout because your blood is going to the muscles and away from your dick, and this causes shrinkage. Now that you have more skin for it to hide in the retraction seems more severe to you, that is you notice it more, especially the feeling. Add a thick fat pad to this and a fairly large PEed dick can completely disappear. This is why I love the total penile volume (TPV)I get from heavy girth work. My flaccid has gotten so heavy it can not completely retract, and with the little retraction I get, there is no place for the dick to hide except inside the excessive skin along the shaft. So now when I turtle, instead of turtling inside the body, my dick turtles inside itself which makes it look even fatter, shorter but fatter, like an apparent 7” girth flaccid to the eye where it is really only 6-1/2’ girth hard by the tape measure. Since most women don’t walk around with a tape measure, and almost all women judge a man’s size by his flaccid, I always appear to be much bigger than I really am.

So by both reducing the fat pad and increasing total penile volume your flaccid becomes more impressive than your erection, or it has with me. Because, unfortunately, none of this, or very little of this (TPV) gain has much effect on erect size. My dick appears to be almost three times bigger when it is flaccid from videos I have of myself back before PE and when I weighed 333 pounds, however I only look a little bit bigger hard now. This is why I’m about to begin an exclusive hanging routine. I think I am finished with girth. Time to try and fill in some of that skin with length. I want my circumcised look back if I can get it without loosing girth. Does this make sense?

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No Nukes

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Thanks, Girtha :)

I’m raising this thread from the dead.

Anymore thoughts on this topic? I haven’t really noticed it for a while but since I’ve started clamping these past few weeks, I’ve been getting this alot during deadlifts, squats, and lunges. Is it because my tunica is fatigued from clamping?

It’s not like I’m thinking about my dick all the time because when I’m in the gym, PE/my penis/etc is the last thing on my mind. But, when I start deadlifting or squatting, I can feel “it” starting to happen.

I get that too when lifting. Nothing to worry about. I look at it as a good thing as in I must be working out pretty hard if my muscles need the blood from my dick haha.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

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