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penis program

penis program

respected sir. i am a new member. i am planning to join sir will it be a good investment to join such a program. which according to you should i join ? is it really necessary to join? also is it really necessa ry to purchase jelqing device to perform pe. please reply

if you’re going to join any program, join It is BY FAR, the most comprehensible program out there, and the support from Big Al is the best bar none!

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Welcome !

Hey Andy,

Big Al’s site would get my vote also. If you do decide to join a pay site, that would be the one. Keep in mind though, that the work and commitment are still required, even with a pay site. Good luck with your gains !

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

I agree

I also joined Big Al’s site not too long ago. It helped me answer questions and vary my workouts. It’s worth it, especially if you’ve just started. Like they said the support is great.

Pay vs. Free

I surveyed everything available out there before I started. The enlargement of your penis is a process that requires mental imagery, focus, attention and a solid comittment to the program. You don’t need to pay someone to get encouragement. That comes from within and from your desire to increase your penis size. Having had a very small penis to start (5 inches + erect) two years ago, I knew what I wanted and decided to focus on getting it. Now two years later I am at 7.5 inches bone press. I didn’t need anyone to say “keep doing it, it will get there”. You do this yourself because this is what you want. If you know the exercise program, and it is not that complicated, all you need is your hands and some common sense and the will and desire to change how you are to what you want yourself to be. Remember only you can make the change. No one else will do it for you. No one else cares. And the pay sites are great if you want to give your money to someone to make yourself feel better. But if you really want to feel better, than take charge of your self and focus on how your penis will look in 6 months or 1 year. It works. I can attest to it. Good Luck and Best Wishes for a successful gain in the coming year.

thank you all for your responses.

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