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Penis Head problems

Penis Head problems

Hey guys

I have a big problem, well I wish it was a big problem.
Ever since I began Pe’ing about two months ago, my glans, has not been fully engorged, ever. Don’t get me wrong, I have the major benefits of PE, like super strong erections, veiny look, etc but my glans has not seen the benefits of this. My penis is very strong, I have rock hard erections except for my head, what should/can I do about this? I want it to look like a mushroom if at all possible. It is just like that part of my penis is broken or something, please help if you can.

do a search for ulis, or go in the info or help or whatever its called and look for ulis in there, ulis are great head girth excersises.

my theory about why the glans grow slower than the rest is that the glands (at least mine) are naturally more spongey and so are more succeptable to change so engorging them doesnt have as much of an impact as the rest of the shaft.


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Hi kinkyliciouslu nice to meet you,

In addition to SirJelqAlot’s comments,

I think this comes down to the improved quality of your erections. Prior to PE I didn’t notice my glans being noticeably softer but now with the increased hardness of erection I do notice a difference, its not that the glans are less engorged but rather that the rest of the shaft has improved hardness. I think its natural for the glans to be a little softer.

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My glans only gets “firm” when I’m jelqing or squeezing. I have to consider that normal, since it never got “hard” like the rest of my penis. I too wish it would grow as fast as everything else, and get noticably larger when I have an erection. But that seems to be the case for only some men.

The glans will never get as firm as the corpora cavernosa. It is continuous with and shares some properties of the corpus spongioasa. And this tissue is supposed to be relatively “spongy”.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’ve noticed the same thing about my head size when erect. I could have sworn that it used to get erect and stay that way during an erection before starting PE.

But, perhaps I never really payed much attention to it before and now I “think” it used to be larger when erect. Or, perhaps recent girth gains and harder erections make the head appear smaller.

I’m going to continue with kegels and the rest of my PE routine along with the special head size exercises to see what happens.


sadsacks are great for head expansion, if you haven’t tried them yet. Start slow - they can be very intensive.

I too have noticed a similar thing, its not that the head isnt hard enough its just that it doesnt seem to fill up as much as it used to. I think its because of hanging and the tightness of the hanger pushing on the head, if i can get an erection I can feel the shaft girth decrease sharply just before the head and im sure as i can be that it wasnt like this before. I’ve been trying horse squeezes but holding the lower hand just at the point where the shaft starts to get thinner to try to expand the area better.

Hope this helps someone

the head isn’t meant to be rock hard. I know that the head is supposed to be softer as it makes it possible to ejaculate. I have read on my nativ language swedish, a good explanation about this. =) Do you like me to post that address here :-) . It is something about the reflex when you ejalculate. you need some mucles to be able pushing the sperm forward, and it would be impossible if the head was just as rock hard as the shaft. so thats it…

Restarting everything.

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