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Penis getting Smaller

Penis getting Smaller

I have been experiencing some lack of erections and my erections aren’t as hard anymore. Because of the stress and pressure of college finals, I took a month off from PE on order to study. During that period, I’ve noticed my gains to diminish. My flaccid seemed to get smaller in both girth and length and so has my erect length and girth. It seems my erect length and girth got smaller to my starting stats! I seem to cum a lot quicker than when I was doing PE and my erection quality has significantly worse. When I was doing PE, my erection quality and my endurance was through the roof and I could last for so long. Do any of you know whats happening to me? I’m only 18 years old.

Please anyone know what’s going? Thanks.

Well this is because you have to let your penis get used to not doing your PE exercises don’t worry if you keep on doing it right it will get bigger and if you let it get smaller it will normally go back to the size it was when you left PE for that period of time.

You might want to try to follow a light pe program. Nothing very time consuming, yet enough to keep from sliding back to your pre-pe days.

Good luck!

Stress is one thing that’s probably screwing up your erections. As far as size, people usually experience lost gains when on an extended break, but as soon as you start up again you’ll gain it back and more in a short period of time. Just don’t over do it, work your way back into it. Also I’m guessing alot of the sex thing is anxiety, and stressing from your lost gains maybe?

Thanks for the advice guys. But I’m still worried that I might have to do so much PE just to get back where I was. Oh well, I guess thats the price you pay when you’re on a break. But I still have faith in PE!!!!!!!

Just do a light PE exercise in order to keep the blood flowing. Don’t just stop!

Just for an update…I did a light PE session for the first time in a month and a half with a 10 min dry jelq (I usually use wet jelq but I have no lube right now) and I did 2 clamp sessions which lasted for 10 minutes. I didn’t think I had a good clamping session. But that night I had a wet dream, and I hadn’t had once in a long time. Is there any coincidence between doing PE for the first time in a month and half and having a wet dream the same night?

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