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penis feels a little colder

penis feels a little colder

I have a question. After an intense 45 min jelq session with 80% erection, I noticed something strange. After the penis shrunk a bit later on, the glans seemed a little blue. Also, the overall penis felt a little cold somehow. Did anyone else experience this?


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Warm up / Warm down

Are you doing warm wraps before and after your jelqing? If not, that could be your problem.

Assuming you do warmups and warmdowns, then you could have stressed the nerve bundle. That would require some time off.

That’s a verrrrry long jelq session. Not a real good idea. Stick to 20-30 minutes.

Sometimes my dick feels a little cold….more often than what used to be normal for me…and I am not even doing PE exercises.

Is this a sign of bad circulation?

Can this be detected by a doctor and what can I do about it?!

Are you talking about at various times during the day? I get that from time to time. It’s a little cool sometimes. I guess if I was jelqing it might occur less, but yeah I think it’s a circulation issue to some degree. Probably when it is occuring you also have a smaller than normal flaccid, right? That would be low circulation, but you have to factor in what physical work you are doing at the time. Only so much blood in the body.

Blood gone elsewhere

I have noticed after a meal I am smaller flacid and a bit cooler to the touch. All the blood going to digest a meal. Because of this I find that a PE workout is optimal after waiting 2 hours after a meal.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with your penis being a little colder than the rest of you - this is perfectly normal! Your hands, feet, nose, ears and other extremities get colder than the rest of you sometimes too, but that doesn’t mean you need to go running off to the doctor! But if you’re really concerned, I suggest you buy a “willie warmer” to keep the lil guy nice’n’snug! :chuckle:

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