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penis enlargement surgery

how much length did you get? and how bad is the pain afterwards im thinking of getting surgery so i would really like to know!


Sorry to hear the situation your in. Even though all of this sentiment on hear may appear hollow if injustice has been administered to anyone then I think there are always people with sincere sympathies, which i think can be said on here. Sounds like the situation turned nasty and if there was innocence on your side then it sounds like she has either stooped a level or perhaps she has changed form the woman you first met.
Normally we can say oh let karma take care of it and hope she gets some payback along the line, but sometimes I think we need to know that the perpetrator gets some just returns.
This ball would be in your court. You may want to psyche her a bit and at opportune moments say something along the lines of ” its a shame its come to this as it obviously shows there were things wrong in the bedroom department from your comment, as I too was very unhappy for sometime about __________ but never brought it up” its your call. This will screw with her mind a bit but then why let her say something that could screw someone up further when a divorce is going through and get away with it.

At the end of the day some people if they dish some shit they have got to be able to handle some back I say.


I hope nothing happened to the creator of this post!


I was thinking the same thing as I was reading over the thread for updates by gage.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Ya, I really felt sorry for the guy… Lost everything, laid up in a hotel and all with those cuntish comments by his wife adds up to diasaster…


When you are ready to, let’s go on the offensive. There’s nothing to get you kick-started like a strategy to count your blessings and improve on them. We need a detailed account of the results of the surgery so we can help you improve the size, health, and performance of your cock.

What you did was radical and risky but if you can make it through this dark time, you will be much much stronger. It’s tough to go on meds since it may increase your depression. You must trust in yourself that what you did was the right thing. Find the goodness inside you so you will see life in a different light and possibly in many ways. Even some dark simmering thoughts may actually motivate you in pulling you through this.

You lost a loved one and you gained a bigger dick. It’s a radical move. It’s like being in a war and losing a buddy in battle, only to find a whole stash of nuclear weapons. The impact your bigger dick CAN make on your life is as big as you want it to be. Bigger than the impact your ex-wife had, even with the 3 kids. It’s up to you and we’ll help you along the way.

VISUALIZE your new dick. Visualize EVERYTHING about it including every fantasy you are about to conquer. It is now your new hobby to make this vision come alive.

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Hello good people! I am back at home and doing fine physically. The days spent alone after surgery were hellish - but there are some excellent drugs out there that helped me cope. The pain today is at a very low level - I don’t need the hydrocodone any more. As for the surgery itself so far the suture sites are healing - I have a bandage around the head ( suture site) and a cover for the the incision an inch above the base of the penis. I can’t shower for ten days and after that I have to be carefull not to get the suture sites wet. Peeing for the first two days was a nightmare - no control over the direction of the stream. I was told to pee in a bottle. After I got the hang of it (no pun intended) I can aim and not miss. No sex for six weeks - no problem there given my current situation lol. Erections may be a problem - I was recommeded sudafed to control erections whenever I fantazise about the kids 23 year old< 110lb. Cezch nanny. It is hard to say how much I have gained as yet. I got three sheets of alloderm and I have been told to expect an inch in girth. The length increase mainly comes thru the use of a stretching device. My starting point was 5.6” NBPEL and 4.5” erect girth. My penis definitely feels and looks bigger in the flacid state. Any suggestions for a good hanging routine/device is welcome. I have been lurking on this board gathering info. as such.

Originally Posted by gageman
Any suggestions for a good hanging routine/device is welcome. I have been lurking on this board gathering info. as such.

Way to go gageman! Welcome back.

Conquest Fantasy number one: THE NANNY! Your dick already has her in its sights.

I’ve got your hanging device right here!
Oh looky here! The CCH3.

and here is a device to supplement that:


Did they cut the ligs or did they just recommend a stretching device?

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Glad to hear that you are ok gageman! You will find that you are in good hands here at Thunder’s Place as many of us (including me) have been where you have with cruel comments hitting flesh like AK-47 rounds.. I will be very interested in hearing how this operation went for you and what your increases will be… I’ll be rooting for you…


Thanks for the welcome and the link CChoker. They cut the ligaments. I can feel the alloderm deep inside when I press into my pubic area. So when I stretch, the alloderm should come along with the rest of the penile shaft that is in the body. I have begun to gently tug at it whever I change my dressing - every three days. I am planning to start tugging strongly by hand at the end of week two after my surgery. My hanging routine will begin at week four. I am looking forward to a bigger penis. BTW with a bandaged penis I have become quite a shower - I have noticed more than a passing glance at my crotch from a number of women, even though I know the deal it sure feels good and has boosted my confidence level.


You’ve been through a lot and you will get better and find a woman who appreciates you. Your starting size was close to mine. I considered surgery at one time but natural PE has worked for me.

Many us here at Thunder’s Place have had cheating wives. See this thread:

She did cheat.

Good luck with your recovery.


Hi gageman,

I don’t think you needed surgery with the size you had before, your length was about average and your girth slightly below. If you had posted prior to the surgery we would have probably talked you out of it and got you on the newbieroutine. Anyway you now have a fat dick and it would be interesting to see how much length you can add and how easy/hard that will go.

What did the doctor recommand you to do? Because we here can suggest what kind of PEtools you use but we have no idea what the impact will be on your three sheets of alloderm.

Do you have any pics of it? I would love to see pics of before and after if you have any as I’m considering surgery!

Gageman, can you tell me a little bit about the alloderm? How was it put in? Long incisions? Small hole? Went in from the side, top or bottom? anything you can tell me about the alloderm procedure would be very helpful as I can see a day where I may want to have it done. I feel sure that I will make my 8” in length, but the girth gains are a real bitch. Be tough buddy, things do get better.

Yours, Stretchin’

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Fuck that bitch. Find you a new lover.

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