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Penimaster Superglue Repair -- Help needed...


Lastly I coated the hinge-arches of my faulty spare to prevent the fractures from getting any worse (and hopefully extending its life)

(if you look closely you can see the fractures)

((If you clicked for the last page of this thread, check back a page for the other repairs))

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I’ve posted these pictures to the forums for matters of reference and will report the outcome in this thread also for reference.

‘til then— happy PEing!

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I checked your link, iamaru. Funny, in the tag line they say: “(Believe it or not!) Clamping can make the different between success and failure here. ” Just thought that was kinda funny.

Beaver, glad the manufacturer was so accomadating! That’s refreshing and encouraging. Good Luck!

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Originally Posted by iamaru
Guess I am a bit late on this one but here you go.
Because people have a need to glue things to other things

iamaru— cheers, that’s the site I used to find out about the epoxy :D

This stuff’s great— it’s all dried now and it’s set hard as rock, but it’s got just enough flexibility and ‘give’ to keep it from being brittle. I was even able to flex the repaired ring (using the rod as a lever) to deform it into the desired state. The plastic underneath the resin cracked when I did it but the resin had enough give to stay intact and hold the rod in the new position.

The repaired support surface is set like metal (I even tried to break it a little and it held together perfectly), it’s fine with the intact rings but doesn’t fit the repaired ring— both are a little wonky so together they don’t work too well, but ‘mixed and matched’ once I’ve filed off the excess resin it should all work perfectly .

From an examination of the dried epoxy — and as it’s proven to be much stronger and more flexible than the materials that the Penimaster is constructed from — I would imagine the resin has more than enough durability to maintain continued usage of the repaired pieces for at least as long as the operational lifetime of a replacement part (but not having ‘field tested’ it yet obviously I can’t guarantee it).

It leads me to believe that a better design for the non-metal components of the Penimaster would be a blend of plastic and epoxy (although this might bring up quite a few challenges for its manufacture).

If any of it breaks anytime soon I’ll let you know.


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Glad you were able to McGyver it. That site should be in every ones bookmarks.

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Mr. Fantastic,

How long have you been using the Penimaster and what are your gains?


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