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Penimaster + Kegels + Erection - Theory and Observations

Penimaster + Kegels + Erection - Theory and Observations

Here are some observations:

1. When I kegel with the penimaster on, I feel like it’s pulling even harder. Maybe this will accelerate gains?

2. Also, when I kegel with it on, my shaft tends to get a little bigger.

3. If I allow myself to get arroused (I don’t think a full errection seems possible with it on properly?) the shafter gets much bigger.


1. Every time you kegel you get an extra tug on the penis. These extra tugs might make some microscroptic tears here and there (and speed progress).

2. Kegeling with it on might make your penis adapt in yet another way to being in the stretched position and therefor speed growth?

3. The fastener at the tip acts somewhat like a tourniquet (a la Horses, Uli’s etc.) and when you get arroused it gets more engorged than normal (giving you for a few moments the effect people report from cock rings, theraband wraps, etc…)


I’m very excited about this device because it’s something I can wear while I sit in front of the computer (my work has me in front of the computer all day). If I could get the most out of this without having to do other PE it would be an awesome timesaver.


You should be a spokesman for Penismaster.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Well, I’d like to be the spokesman with a huge schlong - however the heck I get it (I really don’t care - be it with the penimaster, my ctc pump, my exercises [inspired by your posts]).

Just trying to learn - and grow.

I Think the works on just keeping you Happy in a lager sate . Not a HARD Rip . I’ll let you know about how much I’v Grown in 9 day. I can tell my soft gain is over an inch . Don’t know about the pbone.

Wow this shit works!

>3. If I allow myself to get arroused (I don’t think a full errection seems possible with it on properly?) the shafter gets much bigger.<

Shit, earlier on today I got aroused, and the same thing happened! I dont have a penimaster, but we may be onto something here, instant PE!


I do sets of blasters (kegel/reverse kegel) every half hour that I wear my Penimaster also. The shaft does seem to hold the blood in there for a bit longer and I try to keep it fully engorged for the entire session. After a bit the girth does seem to hold in there and balloon up to larger than my erect girth. I have definitely been gaining alot of girth like this, everywhere except the base. It is a little frustrating because I’ve always had everything even in girth down there but now the base is the smallest in girth, then it gets larger about 3/4 in from the base and the rest is wider. Someone needs to figure out a way to combat this, but otherwise I think it’s a great way to gain girth.

DrMT, so have you experienced any actual measured gains from the Penimaster? If so, please post them on my other thread (with the appropriate title).



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